Cbyra Announces High Point Scores In 'Big Boat' Division


December 15, 1991|By Nancy Moyes

Wrapping up the "big boat" handicap division of CBYRA racers, the 1991 high point scores for IMS, MORC North and Multihull sailors now have been announced.

IMS and Multihull high point scores are the result of an equation that divides the number of points each qualifying competitor has earned through his season of competition (one each forstarting, finishing and each boat beaten) by the maximum number of points it would have been possible to have earned if he had won every race he started, plus 30.

The MORC North class, including sailors from CBYRA regions I-III,has a different and somewhat more complicated formula that also includes a factor relating the number of races started to the number of races sanctioned as well as the sum of high point scoring for each individual race.

For all classes, however, a minimum number of races must be completed; class, yacht club and CBYRA memberships must be inorder; bonus points for distance races are available, and worst-racethrow-outs can be considered if enough races have been completed.

One of CBYRA's three most prestigious awards, the coveted Labrot Trophy, will be awarded to the top handicap division sailor.

For thiscalculation, throw-out races that do not count toward an individual's high point score are considered, and bonus points do not apply.

This means that even withcareful study of the high point scores for each class or division leaders, it is virtually impossible for anyone but the head scorers themselves to guess which IMS, MORC, Multihull or PHRF sailor will win the Labrot this year.

Similar awards, the J. F. Healy Memorial trophy for overall cruising one-design and the Corinthian Cask award for overall one-design, are made in the other divisions as well, based on similar calculations.

CBYRA sources indicate that the One-Design Division high point results might not be finalized for some time yet, although every other division and class has reported its results for the year.

A trophy presentation party forregions II and III will be set sometime in January, at a date and location to be announced.

IMS High Point Results

IMS I (114 starters, 22 events, 7 qualifiers): 1) Quintessence, Benjamin Michaelson Jr., Annapolis, 0.6784; 2) Merope, Nicholas Iliff, Arnold, 0.5746; 3) Flying Colors, Robert Michel Jr., Baltimore, 0.5360.

IMS II (225 starters, 22 events, 18 qualifiers): 1) Privateer, David Dodge, Annapolis, 0.7844; 2) Crescendo, Stephen Hiltabidle, Annapolis, 0.7536; 3) Bucentaur, Stephen Stunda/Ian Chambers, Annapolis, 0.6789; 4) Yellow Jacket, BFSS&W Syndicate, Annapolis, 0.6667.

IMS III (175 starters, 22 events, 10 qualifiers): 1) Moonshine, Jim Schneider, Salisbury, 0.7516; 2) Contraire, Stephen Schaub, Eldersburg, 0.7031; 3) Farrocious, Talbot Wilson, Annapolis, 0.6948.

MORC North High Point Results

(247 starters, 24 events, 23 qualifiers): 1) Skylarkn, Robert Dunning, Easton, 0.8347; 2) Stingray, Robert Muller, Annapolis, 0.7945;3) Mirage, David Lewis/Fredrik Salvesen, Annapolis/Edgewater, 0.7084; 4) Froglegs, Paul Awalt, Ellicott City, 0.6696; 5) Posse, Paul Andersen, Urbanna, Va.,


Multihull High Point Results

(124 starters, 14 events, 11 qualifiers): 1) Leading Lady, Michael Beaver, New Cumberland, Pa., 0.7197; 2) White Knuckles, John Martin, Annapolis, 0.7162; 3) Allez Cat, Richard Tolson, Timonium, 0.6835; 4) Gemini, Jere and Lloyd Glover, Annapolis, 0.6738.


Annapolitan JimBrady, sailing with teammates Kevin Mahaney and Doug Kern, made another important advance on the world match-racing circuit and hopefullytoward the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain.

The team of top-ranked Soling sailors won the prestigious Hong Kong Cup regatta, one of 10 annual grand prix events on the match-racing circuit.

The double round-robin series, which began Nov. 22, was sailed in Etchells 22s in Hong Kong Harbor, just a short distance from the host Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, where huge crowds of spectators gathered to watch the action each day.

The 10 invited skippers includ

ed top American sailors Ed Baird, John Kostecki, J. J. Isler and Larry Klein,as well as Marc Bouet of France, Briton Chris Law, Australian GordonLucas and Hong Kong sailors Grey Gibson and Lawrence Mead.

At theend of the round-robin series, U.S. teams had earned all four of thetop slots. As Baird easily defeated Klein in a sudden-death petit final to take third place in the series, the Mahaney/Brady/Kern team faced off against Kostecki, who beat Brady in the final of October's Columbus Cup in Baltimore.

In the finals, Mahaney led Kostecki in a breezy first race, until a breakdown forced a restart. Kostecki won the restarted first race by a narrow margin after a furious tacking duel. Mahaney and his team then fought back ferociously in the second race, winning by a solid lead and leaving the score tied between the two rivals.

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