On Etiquette and the Flu

December 14, 1991|By Vivian S. Darnovsky

When I'm fluing,

hacking, spewing

nasty beasties all about,

please, I beg you,

leave me be to

(wallowed in self-pity) pout.

And please, I pray,

at no time say:

''Rest!'', then query endlessly,

or: ''That drug's never worked for me.''

''You should've seen what Aunt Min had.''

''A few days off? That's not too bad.''

The things that rile

are when you dial

and tell me I sound much improved,

forcing thund'rous coughs to prove

how badly you've misjudged my plight

and how courageously I fight.

What gets my goat

are those who dote

on doing good and come to call

and those who never come at all.

Above all, don't,

I know you won't

indulge in silly, tasteless things,

those cruel unnecessary stings --

I-told-you-so -- that type of rot:

''I told you you should get your shot!''

Vivian S. Darnovsky

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