'Addams' sequel planned

December 13, 1991|By Steven Rea | Steven Rea,Knight-Ridder

To say Scott Rudin is elated by what's going on with his movie is to understate things considerably. "I'm in awe," says the producer, whose movie. "The Addams Family," happens to have topped $70 million at the box office in 2 1/2 weeks -- and happens to have become the year's pop-cult hit.

"It was seen by 11 million people in its first 10 days of release," reports Rudin. "There are kids coming out of the theaters, buying another ticket and going right back in. . . .

"It's really just tapped into something. The subversiveness of it, the black-is-white logic of it. . . . And yet, in the end, it's a very comfortable movie. [The Addamses] are a loving, healthy family."

And the family is certain to reappear: Rudin has already hired Paul Rudnick, the novelist ("Social Disease") and playwright ("I Hate Hamlet"), to begin work on a sequel. Although Rudnick's name isn't on "The Addams Family" credits, he's responsible for many of the film's most mordant quips Rudnick retooled the original script, but because of Writers Guild rules, his name can't be credited.

And what about Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd and the wonderfully deadpan Christina Ricci -- are they game for a reprise?

"They all want to come back," says the producer.

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