Rutgers sending UNLV's Rebels running only seems like turnabout in fair play

Phil Jackman

December 12, 1991|By Phil Jackman

Reading time, two minutes: Wait just a minute, Rutgers shoots less than 39 percent and blows away UNLV by 21? Serves the Rebels right after they skunked the Scarlet Knights by 42 last year. Coach Tark must have been really moved: he had the team bus take off from the arena without the sports information director and the guy had to find his own way to the Newark Airport, arriving just in time for the flight home.

* After finishing dead last in the computer rankings for Division I football, Prairie View is back at it in hoops. The Texas school is rated 300th and dead last, saving Morgan State (299) and Maryland-Eastern Shore (298) from the honor.

* At long last, teachers might find it easier teaching kids geography as the National League contemplates putting Cincinnati and Atlanta in the NL East and Chicago and St. Louis in the NL West when expansion is completed in '93.

* Best drill I've heard of lately in any sport is utilized by the Canadian Olympic hockey team: Two pucks, two goalies and 20 players skating around furiously. Teaches the guys to keep their heads up and to stick handle in crowds.

* Roger Neilson, leading the Rangers into the Cap Centre for a game against Washington tomorrow night, looks at the Capitals' 12-6 road record and gasps, "One of your aims is to play .500 on the road. Only about four teams manage it each year."

* British heavyweight Joe Bugner staging a comeback at 42 seems a misnomer. Hey, the big lug was never here, really.

* An old Oriole, Al Harazin, has done a spectacular job o rebuilding the Mets with bats (Bobby Bonilla and Eddie Murray) and arms (Bret Saberhagen). Of course, it helps if you're willing to put money back into the business.

* That noise you just heard was the folks over at the America CivilLiberties Union exploding upon hearing the Chicago Bears have banned fans wearing apparel with obscene gestures or messages. Begins the argument what constitutes obscenity, etc.

* One of those pillars of society, the organizations that run boxing, better not find out Eagles coach Rich Kotite was heavyweight champ when he attended the University of Miami . . . he'd be in a title fight sometime next week.

* Shudder to think what 7-foot-6 Shawn Bradley is going to be like when he returns to the basketball court with Brigham Young after two years missionary work for the Mormon church in Australia. The kid set an NCAA record for blocked shots with 177 last year as a freshman and muscles are beginning to show up.

* To accommodate the World Cup here in 1994, Giants Stadium is going to have a regular grass field on a platform above the regular artificial turf field. Cost: about $3 million.

* The "Colts of the '50s" will be part of the "This is the NFL" show on Channel 2 Sunday (noon). Features on Lance Alworth and Deacon Jones also are included in a package of the three most requested shows at NFL Films.

* Washington skaters Michael Weiss (juniors) and Derrick Delmore (novice) qualified for the National Figure Skating Championships in Orlando next month with solid efforts at the Easterns last weekend.

* "You put enough pressure on anybody and after a while other type employment looks much more appetizing than coaching." This quote is Mike Ditka talking about retiring Vikings coach Jerry Burns, not the ridiculously-handled Maryland football situation of recent vintage.

* Pssst, it's in a resolution approved by the league months ago that the NFL's labor situation has to be "clarified, cleared and positive in outlook" before expansion will proceed. "We're not hellbent to expand," reminds Art Modell of the expansion committee. Presently, the players are suing the owners, then there will be an appeal. On the other hand, some feel if the status remains quo on the labor front, expansion plans will proceed as owners stretch for fresh money to pad their kingdoms.

* The NHL continuing to put off realignment of its divisions as the result of Tampa Bay and Ottawa joining the lodge next year is pitiful. What, are they hoping a couple of cities dry up and blow away?

* Three cheers for the Women's Track and Field Committee of the TAC for not lifting Stella Walsh's Olympic gold medals of 50 years ago posthumously. Poor Stella lived her whole life trapped in a man/woman body and psyche, never sure which to follow.

* Famous last word from U.S. Davis Cup captain Tom Gorman, who chose first-time starter Pete Sampras to be his lead man in the title showdown in France: "Pete doesn't react to pressure. He doesn't have any nerves. He just plays his game, and that'll be enough to beat Henri Leconte and Guy Forget." While second-ranked Jim Courier sat home, Sampras lost six of seven sets to Leconte and Forget.

* Here are some statistics turned in by a high school worth repeating. Justin Bouque of Dedham, Mass., ran for 349 yards and six touchdowns Thanksgiving Day, giving him five 200-plus-yard days over the season. His team finished 5-5, so it needed every inch of it.

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