Bail Set At $500,000 For 15-year-old Accused Of Rape

December 11, 1991|By Jackie Powder | Jackie Powder,Staff Writer

A county Circuit Court judge set bail at $500,000 yesterday for a 15-year-old Capitol Heights youth accused of first-degree rape in the attack of a jogger at Centennial Park.

Antonio Lee Perry, who was assigned to a state facility for troubled youths after the April 26 attack, was originally charged as an adult with second-degree rape.

The new first-degree rape charge, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison, was based on information obtained from additional investigation into the case, said assistant state's attorney Timothy G. Wolf.

FOR THE RECORD - A story in Wednesday's Howard County Sun incorrectly described the status of Antonio Lee Perry at the time of his arrest in the April 26 attack on a jogger in Centennial Park. Perry was assigned to the Thomas O'Farrell Youth Center in Henrytown at the time. The Howard County Sun regrets the error.

After the new indictment, Wolf asked that Perry's $100,000 bond be revoked. The bond was initially set at $1 million, but Circuit Judge James B. Dudley reduced the bail to $100,000 in October.

At yesterday's bond hearing, Perry's public defender, Louis Willemin, argued that the state decided to bring the more serious charge of first-degree rape after the bond was reduced to $100,000.

"Only then did the state up the ante and allege that this case was not -- as they had argued for the past six months -- second-degree rape," Willemin said.

He called the new charge "nothing more than a transparent effort to manipulate the court."

Urging Dudley to assign Perry to pre-trial supervision, Willemin said Perry's parents can provide him with a stable home life until his Jan.8 trial.

Wolf argued that Perry should be denied bond, saying he was charged as a juvenile with raping a girl in Prince George's county when he was 14.

He was sent to the Thomas O'Farrell Youth Centerin Henry

ton for therapy and was on a supervised outing at Centennial Park with other youths from the center at the time of the April attack.

"This is a very dangerous individual," Wolf said. "Everyone who has ever bothered to look into the matter has stated as much."

Before setting the new bail, Dudley complained that he should havehad an opportunity to review Perry's court records and psychologicalevaluations from the juvenile court system.

However, Willemin said Perry did not wish to waive his privilege of confidentiality.

"If a bail is to be set, a judge is entitled to have the information that a bunch of social workers have," Dudley said.

"I don't think I should be required to make a serious judgment in a factual vacuum," he said.

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