Q: Are there many former Baltimore Skipjacks playing in...


December 08, 1991

Q: Are there many former Baltimore Skipjacks playing in the National Hockey League?

Michael Orloff


A: "Many" is a relative term, Mike. According to Margaret Robinson, director of public relations for the Skipjacks, there are 26 former Skipjacks, from their Penguins and Capitals farm-team days, in the NHL. That's enough to start your own team (which could probably beat the San Jose Sharks).

Alphabetically, here they are: Dave Barr, Don Beaupre, Tim Bergland, Phil Bourque, Andy Brickley, Rod Buskas, Jon Casey, Yvon Corriveau, Alain Cote, Shawn Cronin, Chris Dahlquist, Larry DePalma, John Druce, Bob Errey, Jeff Greenlaw, Steve Guenette, Dave Hannan, Randy Hillier, Dimitri Khristich, Nick Kypreos, Troy Loney, Bob Mason, Michal Pivonka, Doug Shedden, Rich Sutter and Jim Thomson.

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