It's OK to like RedskinsI have lived in Baltimore all of...


December 08, 1991

It's OK to like Redskins

I have lived in Baltimore all of my life, and it is disappointing to hear so many Baltimoreans knocking the Washington Redskins. After all, it is not the fault of the Redskins that the Colts left Baltimore (we all know who we can blame for that). Perhaps there is some psychology involved in the dislike of Washington ++ and the fact that it is a great team so close to our own home.

This is not to take away from the infamous Baltimore Colts who gave this city many exciting football years and for whom I was a No. 1 fan. It's OK to be a Washington Redskins fan who lives in Baltimore. This will have nothing to do with us getting a professional football team back in this city.

Gerald T. Duncan Jr.


Enough of Buren already

John Buren of WJZ-TV is a disgrace to sports reporting. Day after day, he continues to use what little time he has to try his hand at comic relief. Take, for example, his location spot at an Elvis Impersonation Contest at Eastpoint Mall.

How can any Baltimorean not like the antics of "Living Legend" Art Donovan? I question, however, using almost an entire sportscast to get just one pick and having fans "ask Artie" about topics unrelated to sports. Furthermore, does Buren have to remind us every Monday night that following football there will be a live edition of Eyewitness News? Many fans would rather turn off the set than watch his reporting.

Buren should take note of the performances of Scott Garceau, Keith Mills and Vince Bagli. Maybe he could learn a thing or two.

Brett Smith


Ripken is at best off field

Does MVP stand for Most Valuable Player? In most cases, the answer is yes. But when speaking of Cal Ripken it also means Most Valuable Person.

Ripken is one of very few athletes who doesn't let his consistency disappear when the uniform is sent to the cleaners.

In 1989, Ripken and his wife Kelly donated $250,000 to the city of Baltimore to establish an adult literacy program. The Ripken Learning Center, which opened in July 1991, plans to annually serve 240 students within the city. Cal's contribution was not overlooked, as he was named the first recipient of the Bart Giamatti "Caring Award" in 1989.

Ripken's list of contributions to the community has continued to increase over the years. He is currently active on the behalf of University Hospital's Shock Trauma Center, the Hopkins Children's Center, the Baltimore School for the Performing Arts, the Bryn Mawr School and the Harford Center, a day-care center for retarded citizens.

Ripken also continues to donate 25 tickets to every home game to "Because We Care," a program he and former Oriole Eddie Murray created several years ago.

Cal also does the little things. After every home game, Ripken signs at least 50 autographs for adoring fans. On these nights he doesn't leave the stadium until everyone has at least one signature.

Ripken is also a role model who knows that he has an image to uphold for his younger fans.

A man who remains humble as the trophies and honors mount, Baltimore should be proud of their hometown hero. A success on and off the field, it would be great if just a little of Cal Ripken Jr.'s excellence could rub off on the rest of us.

Doug Heidrick


Another Ripken fan

I recently attended the Cal Ripken Jr. Winterfest for Literacy '91 at Festival Hall. In my opinion, the event was a great success and everyone involved did a wonderful job. Although the first day started out with some confusion, the kinks were quickly ironed out and the rest of the event went along with few problems. The biggest complaint I heard throughout the hall was the long wait in lines and being denied an autograph ticket for Cal Ripken Jr. If Cal were to sign for everyone who attended, he would have been there well past the closing time of 5 p.m. (He does have a life, too, remember.)

This was the first time I've seen Cal Ripken Jr. in person and away from the field. I cannot say enough to my friends who were unable to attend, about how Cal Ripken was with the people who obtained an autograph from him. He spoke to everyone who spoke to him, and spoke to the ones who were somewhat shy. Cal Ripken is not only great on the field, but also great off the field.

Jeffrey Humphreys


Show best game, not Redskins

What is WBAL-TV thinking? Didn't it learn anything from the infamous NBC Heidi game more than 20 years ago? Two years back, while the Eagles and Giants played an early game to decide the NFC East, WBAL-TV showed no game because the Redskins were scheduled to play the Falcons, a game that meant nothing to the playoffs. Last year, while the Cowboys and Eagles were in a tied game with 30 seconds left, WBAL cut to show the kickoff of another meaningless Redskins game.

It is quite clear that the many calls and letters have meant nothing to WBAL because on Dec. 1, after showing two hours and 55 minutes of a close game between Green Bay and Atlanta, WBAL switched to the kickoff between the (11-1) Redskins and the (3-9) Rams. Furthermore, the best NFC late game by far was the 49ers and the Saints.

MA Isn't it about time Baltimore stops kissing up to Washington?

George W. Ford


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