Dear Doctor:Has the state Department of Transportation...

The Stadium Doctor

December 08, 1991

Dear Doctor:

Has the state Department of Transportation provided any furthe information about possible train service to Camden Station for Orioles night and weekend games?

Scott Arnopol


Dear Scott Arnopol:

Thank you for your letter and for affixing a 29-cent stamp to th envelope. Yours is the first I have received free of charge.

Anyway, I have good news for you. Not great. But good. Although firm schedules have not been set, MARC and the new light-rail line will serve the ballpark before and after games starting with Opening Day on April 6.

MARC already runs from Union Station in Washington to th ballpark. It simply will add trains.

Light rail is trickier. The line will not begin regular service until May, according to Kathy Kohls, a spokeswoman for the Mass Transit Administration. But the line will operate a limited schedule on game days only during the month of April, and only from Timonium to Camden Yards.

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