Running In The Rain


December 08, 1991

Sunday provided a drizzly morning for the annual Metric Marathon (26.2 kilometers) as 340 intrepid runners started from Columbia Town Center.

They slogged along numerous side streets, main roads and bikepaths, running north from Columbia to Ellicott City and back, finishing at the parking lot of the Rouse Building.

After the first mile, not one of the runners could remember having a dry sock.

Immediately after the start, a lead pack of four runners formed: Gerry Clapper, Patrick Key, Dominick DaLuz and last year's winner, Dave Berardi. They passed easily through the first mile in5:18 and exchanged a casual banter about Clapper's newborn baby and the local running scene.

By three miles, the friendly attitude melted away, however, and, according to Key, "we got into a more competitive rhythm."

Berardi and Key set the pace through the first miles. Berardi would accelerate on the downhills, and Key would battle back on the uphills.

The pack began to fragment at six miles when they reached the infamous hills of Ellicott City.

At eight miles, Berardi pulled away from Key for the final time, beating his rival at the top of the last big hill.

Key continued to fade and never mounted a serious threat after the halfway mark, while Berardi cruised on to win in 1:28:42.

After the race, the winner explained that the hills did not bother him so much as his fatigue from the Berwick 9-milerace Thanksgiving Day -- where he finished second with 45:14 -- and the weather, which he said "was good only for ducks, worms and frogs."

Laura Dewald seized an early lead from the start and simply pulled away. She faced essentially no competition from the other women runners.

Winner of the 1990 Marine Crops Marathon, Dewald cruised ata constant pace and won handily in 1:41:53. From here, she plans to go on to the U.S. Olympic Trials next spring.

Robyn Humphrey was the Howard County Striders' first woman across the line, coming in third among the women in 1:51:32.

Martin Goode turned in one of the most inspirational performances of the day. He started out well behindthe lead pack and kept chipping away at the lead.

By the middle of the race, he was approaching Clapper and DaLuz, both of whom had fallen off the pace of Key and Berardi.

Goode dispatched Clapper soon thereafter and went head-to-head with DaLuz. DaLuz, however, eventually outran Goode, who finished fourth overall in 1:33:46, a minute behind DaLuz.

Vivi Provine and Jim Carbary led the Striders' masters runners. In her first race in a year, Provine placed first among the 45-49 women with a 2:11:24, while Carbary, coming off a 2:52 at Marine Corps, won the 40-44 men's age group with a 1:42:50.

Several Striders had especially noteworthy performances, not so much because of their times, but because they finished the race at all.

They included Tom Brown, Joe Wasserman and Eric Kocay, who all ran marathons in early November, then did the 50-miler a week before the Metric, and then did the Metric. Wasserman, who completed his 50th marathon, placed fifth among the 50-54 men and won an age-group award.

The 1991 Metric Marathon was directed by Rick Hatfield.

He was assisted by the Howard County Amateur Radio Club, the Howard County Police Department, students from Atholton and Oakland Mills high schools (among others) and dozens of Striders volunteers.

Overall men's winners:

1. Dave Berardi, 1:28:42. 2. Patrick Key, 1:31:19. 3. Dominique DaLuz, 1:32:46.

Men's Age Group Winners

Under-14: Matthew Leonard, 2:02:05.

15-19: 1. Eric Orsini, 1:50:12. 2. Greg MacPhee, 1:59:53.

20-24: 1. Charles Edwards, 1:35:59. 2. Phillip Lang, 1:40:26. 3. Christopher Sinclair, 1:45:27.

25-29: 1. Martin Goode, 1:33:44. 2. Richard Clifford, 1:41:53. 3. Jasper Tymes, 1:57:27. 4. Gino Kozera, 1:57:56. 5. Robert Riffe, 1:58:25.

30-34: 1. Gerry Clapper, 1:35:20. 2. Dennis Coleman, 1:37:19. 3. Kenneth Blackman, 1:38:16. 4. Mike Buckley, 1:40:41. 5. Jim Robinson, 1:41:33.

35-39: 1. Maurice Pointer, 1:38:56. 2. Von Thoren, 1:40:47. 3. Jack Kavanagh, 1:41:46. 4. David Goucher, 1:41:19. 5. Bill Peeling, 1:45:30.

40-44: 1. Jim Carbary, 1:42:50. 2. Perry Lynn, 1:43:53. 3. David Lowe, 1:44:28. 4. Robert Rosenfield, 1:45:25. 5. Michael Campbell, 1:47:52.

45-49: 1. Ted Baca, 1:39:34. 2. Dennis Jett, 1:45:17. 3. Jerry Warfield, 1:52:04. 4. Timothy McDermott, 1:52:32. 5. Terry Peters, 1:54:57.

50-54: 1. Thomas Henderson, 1:44:37. 2. Chuck Johnson, 1:49:08. 3. Dick Hipp, 1:50:24. 4. David Alexander, 1:55:42. 5. Joe Wasserman, 1:57:32.

55-59: 1. Alvin Marcy, 2:01:58. 2. Jerry Lewis, 2:07:25. 3. Richard Williams, 2:09:03.

Over 60: 1. David Shenkenberg, 1:58:23. 2. George Yannakakis, 2:02:39. 3. Keith Olson, 2:06:52.

Overall women's winners: 1. Laural Dewald, 1:41:53. 2. Susan Cain, 1:48:35. 3. Robyn Humphrey, 1:51:32.

Women's Age Group Winners:

20-24: 1. Jennifer Wilhide, 1:58:24. 2. Terri McCall, 2:03:46. 3. Michele Drapeau, 2:07:44.

25-29: 1. Mary Gaylord, 1:54:40. 2. Behn Miller, 1:55:49. 3. Barb Willig, 1:58:52.

30-34: 1. Ann Conlin, 2:00:36. 2. Julie Caprio, 2:01:23. 3. Jeanne Grillo, 2:01:31. 4. Char Sobwick, 2:03:20.

35-39: 1. Joy Glass, 1:54:18. 2. Betty Blank, 1:59:36. 3. Maria deJesus M-Bova, 2:09:26. 4. Kitty Good, 2:10:50.

40-44: 1. Lani Williams, 2:05:25. 2. Barbara Johnson, 2:07:15. 3. Judy Mays, 2:07:44. 4. Mary Ann Zuckerman, 2:12:34.

45-49: 1. Vivi Provine, 2:11:24. 2.Louantha Williams, 2:25:54.

50-54: Helen Beyers, no time recorded.

55-59: Clair Owens, no time recorded.

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