Atholton Raiders

1991 Boys Basketball Preview

December 08, 1991

Coach: Jim Albert (12th year)

1990-1991 record: 9-14 overall, 6-8league

Returnees: Seniors Brian Van Deusen (G), Brian Smith (G/F), ChrisPoe (G), Shane Flynn (F); junior Marvin Plunkett (C).

Newcomers to watch: Senior David Morris (G); juniors Richard Blankenship (F) , Greg Russo (G), Tom Gough (G), Tony Kilgore (C), David Boyer (G), JohnCoontz (F).

Coach's outlook: "We won't be the favorite in any of our games so we'll have to work hard. A .500 season will be tough butnot impossible."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Raiders have two good guards in Van Deusen and Morris, and are hoping Blankenship can step up and do the job underneath. But this could be another season like last season.


Coach: Jim Hill (eighth year)

1990-1991 record: 11-12 overall, 5-9 league

Returnees: Seniors Charlie Stewart (F), Ken Ulman (G), Keith Krider (G), Brian Reid (C), Shervin Korangy (F), Tod Downen (G); junior Damian Biggs (F).

Newcomers to watch: Sophomore Seann Jones (G); juniors Chris Bosley ( F),Brett Berkeley (C), Brian Hulka (F), Mark James (G), Mark Lee (G).

Coach's outlook: "We have our most talented team since I've been coaching it. We'll play a fast-paced game with hopefully lots of scoring. We lack height but are an experienced team."

Howard County Sun outlook: This could be Centennial's year to make a big move. The Eagles have talent, but need the confidence to overcome a losing tradition and the consistency they've sorely lacked in the past.


Coach: Terry Coleman (11th year)

1990-1991 record: 3-18 overall, 0-14 league

Returnees: Seniors Jeff Slack (F), Craig Flurry (G), Kevin Roland (F), Chris Mullinix (G), Josh Jackson (C).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Jamie Brinker (G), Scott Cline (G), Jason Beall (F), Jeff Lewis (F), David Buckholtz (F), David Beddingfield (F), Lee Ebersberger (G).

Coach's outlook: "This is the best team I've coached here, but I'm not sure whether we'll be able to keep up with Oakland Mills and Wilde Lake and Howard."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Gladiators will use their quickness and 3-point shooting ability to set a fast tempo. They may not be good enough to win a countytitle, but have a definite shot to make the Class 2A playoffs.


Coach: Jack Burke (seventh year)

1990-1991 record: 14-10 overall, 10-4 league

Returnees: Seniors Andrew Teteh (F), JamesGrant (G), Richard Williamson (C), Curtis Barnard (F), Simeon Greene(F); junior Kris Jefferson (G).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors Kelvin Stevens (G), Cinque Crutchfield (G), Toby Anderson (F), Shawn Drinan (F/G), Joe Brewer (F), Claude Moore (C).

Coach's outlook: "We could either be real good or real bad. We won't win just on talent. We'll have to execute."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Bears have finished second in the league six straight years under Burke, while winning two regional titles and reaching the state final twice. They should again be among the top teams.


Coach: Rich Jenkins (third year)

1990-1991 record: 11-12 overall, 6-8 league

Returnees: Seniors Dave Jones (G), Yaphet Oliphant (F/G), Ed MacLemore ( F).

Newcomers to watch: Seniors Chris Keary (G), Mark McFadden (F); juniors Michael Ware (C), Mike Brown (G), Jeremy Milan (C), Jaamal Tyler (F); sophomore Royal Antoine (F).

Coach's outlook: "If we rebound we should give some teams fits. We have some talented players."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Lions should improve as the season progresses and they overcome their lack of experience. With just threereturning players, right now they are a question mark. But they could become an exclamation point.


Coach: Scott Robinson (first year)

1990-1991 record: 12-12 overall, 8-6 league

Returnees: Seniors Jim Zurad (C), Tony Yanero (G), Dominic Devita (F); junior Phil Tonkins (F).

Newcomers to watch: Senior Romarro Darden (F); juniors Masai Demus (G), Faisal Khan (G), Eric Walthal (F);freshman Kurtis Jestes (G).

Coach's outlook: "We may be the only team in the league with no returning starters so we'll have to give our best effort every night."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Vikings must adjust to their third new coach in three years. They have somepotential with the 6-foot-5 Zurad underneath. And Demus, a transfer from Alabama, is touted as excellent ball handler.


Coach: Dave Appleby (10th year)

1990-1991 record: 17-8 overall, 11-3 league

Returnees: Seniors Akil Benjamin (G), Gregg Washington (F), Kelly Sykes ( F), Marc Terry (C).

Newcomers: Seniors Michael Phillips (G), John Hilliard (G); juniors Rick Alvarado (G), Chad Barr (F), Wade McHargue (C).

Coach's outlook: "We'll be more power-oriented than in the past because this is the biggest team I've ever had. But we'll still press and play man-to-man defense."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Scorpions look far and away like the best team in the county. Their fifth straight county title is a strong possibility. And they could go to the state playoffs again.


Coach: Paul Ellis (third year)

1990-1991 record: 16-10overall, 10-4 league

Returnees: Seniors Ira Crawley (C), Matt Nesbitt (G), George Bradford (G/F ), Pat Brown (F), Darryl Bell (G).

Newcomers to watch: Seniors Andre Martin (G), Jason Duckett (G), Gantry Lewis (G), Jean Phillipe

Traore (F); juniors Mike Aballo (G), Taronn Evans (G), Deon Wingfield (F), Ramone Myers


Coach's outlook: "We should be competitive."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Wildecats will be among the league's top teams, with another second-place finish and trip to College Park possible.

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