Please, Santa, A Wedge To Hit The Green


Special Requests From Carroll Golfers A Tall Order For Christmas

December 08, 1991|By George Taylor

In addition to supplying holes-in-one for all, here's hoping Santa can fulfill the following special requests from Carroll County golfers.

Bear Creek G.C.

For Bob Reck, a more upright swing.

For Rick Wright, a Big Bertha driver.

For Greg Long, a round-trip plane ticket to Bermuda.

For Jim Plank, two more hours to juggle his schedule.

For all senior golfers, free entry into the 1992 Tuesday morning Senior League.

Liberty Golf Park

For Jeff Wetzel, someone to believe he has a24 handicap.

For Bob Absher, a follow-through as long as his backswing.

For Dave Nichols, to collect all his bets with Greg Todd.

For Greg Todd, the solution to why he always loses to Dave Nichols.

For Lee Bobst, a swing link for his leg.

For Dean Blankenship,a partner who does not leave 2-foot putts short of the hole.

For Bob Jones, a 50-inch driver that he can't break.

For Steve Jones, a par on the last hole when it counts the most.

For Dan Loucks, a chance to oversee additional golf centers.

Piney Branch G.C.

For Don Richardson, a driver that only hooks the ball.

For Bob Fishpaugh, a wedge with which he can hit the green.

For Diamond Rose, long and straight midiron shots.

For John Miller, the secret to a better short game.

For Mel Dorman, a putter that never three-putts.

For Jana Zachman, a set of clubs that enable her to carry

shots over all water hazards.

For Jeff Zachman, a driver with an extra50-yard kick.

For Carroll, Wayne and Steve Gailey, a 72-hole, stroke-play tournament to decide which of the brothers is the true PineyBranch champion.

Wakefield Valley G.C.

For Hank Majewski, a bulldozer for his constant whims to make contour changes on golf holes.

For Gary Angell, a wish that Majewski does not get the bulldozer he wants.

For Bill Madonna, a Jenny Craig gift certificate.

ForMike Myers, a Masters-style green jacket.

For Todd Eckenrode, a driving lesson from PGA champion John Daly.

For Darrin Schildt, more left-handed students.

For Leighton Thomas, a honeymoon with golfclubs included in the luggage.

For Jay Albaugh, a No. 1 ranking for the Washington Huskies.

For Joan Dunn, the latest in computer lessons.

For Tom Crawford, a new duster, vacuum cleaner and one more sweater to fold.

For Bob Bloom, a gift certificate from DoNut World.

For Ralph Piersonti, an interview with the New York Times.

Md. College G.C.

Dock Young Chun, a deserving warm, sunny day forsomeone who is at the course, regardless of weather conditions.

For John Kovach, Rick Carpenter and Becky Martin, more trips to the WMC Alumni Tournament prize table.

For Mac McQuigg, more patience.

For Fred Allers, continued long and straight shots.

For John Gebhardt, another hole-in-one.

For Bud Yingling, something different from always down the middle.

For Stan Dye, the right to play left-handed.

For Scott Moyer, another title for his golf team.

For Dale Sprague, another victory over Johns Hopkins.

For Phil Boob, a medal for the fine condition of the course under trying times.

ForJoe Manzer, applause for his public relations work.

Oakmont GreenG.C.

For Jim Matthews, success with the new course under construction in Hampstead.

For Lee Snyder, cooperation from the weather tobring the course in full bloom this spring.

Formulation of all the fairways, greens and tees have been completed at Oakmont. It will be a public operation surrounded by real estate property.

The course will measure 6,400 yards and has a par of 72, and the closing hole is a 521-yard par 5.

The entire 18th fairway was cut through a heavily wooded area, and the largest of three ponds on the course comes into play on this hole.

George Taylor's golf column appears in theCarroll County Sun the second Sunday of each month during the off-season.

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