Pizza House Tosses In The Dough To Outfit Young Bowlers


December 08, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

All those youngsters are wearing identical T-shirts. And you're seeing lots of gold shirtsin Hampstead Bowling Center because lots of young folks bowl in the center's youth leagues.

"I've been running 50-50 raffles at all the adult leagues and theColorama program to raise money for shirts for the kids who bowl in the youth leagues," said Ginny Blackowicz, marketing director for Hampstead Bowling Center. "That's shirts for both the tenpin and the duckpin youth programs."

That's a lot of shirts and a lot of money. Sixty youngsters bowl on the Saturday morning shift alone.

And that's where Genova's Ristorante and Pizzeria came into the picture. One of the coaches for the young bowlers dropped into the restaurant and asked Darryl Chesney for a donation.

Faster than you say "Pizza with everything to go!" Chesney said Genova's would kick in $500 towardgetting bowling shirts for the youngsters.

For anyone not familiar with Genova's, here's a little background:

Sal and Carmelina Marciano are first-generation immigrants from Sicily. The restaurant is a family-operated business that started 10 years ago.

For three years, it was operated by others, but last year the Marcianos took overwith their son Frank, daughter Vita and son-in-law Darryl Chesney. The restaurant is located in Greenmount between Hampstead and Manchester, in the North Carroll Shopping Center.

The gleaming blond-wood booths seat about 50, and everything is homemade. If you want better pizza, try Sicily.

Am I suggesting you go out of your way to eat at Genova's? You betcha.

Here's a family-owned business in Carroll County giving back a little something to the community. That's my kind of place.


Now, having eaten at Genova's and added a few pounds, here's some great news -- you're only a few minutes away from Hampstead Bowling Center.

"So what?" you ask.

Here's what.

"Bowling is a fantastic sport for two health reasons," said Ann Grandjean, director of the International Center for Sports Nutrition and U.S.Olympic Committee chief nutrition consultant. "First, just being active has health-promotion qualities. Second, bowling encourages muscleflexibility, which we know is very important in preventing the negative side effects of aging, such as osteoporosis."

See, bowling is good for you at any age.

Does it burn off calories? Don't ask. Eat. Enjoy. Go bowling.


Many novice bowlers and some who have been bowling for years don't know where to get good instruction. Have Igot a deal for you.

To encourage people of all ages to bowl, the sport will sponsor Learn to Bowl America, which kicks off Jan. 27, 1992. For two months, people nationwide can sign up at participating bowling centers for six weeks of formal bowling instruction. From now through March 1992, the public can call the Learn to Bowl America hot line at (800) 223-BOWL to find the closest participating center.

The program will be available to people of all ages who have little orno bowling experience. For a relatively low cost, participants will receive six lessons from an accredited bowling instructor.

Rental shoes, lane time and balls are included in the fee. Many participating bowling centers also will give players who complete the six-week course a free custom-drilled bowling ball.

Bowling centers will offer three types of beginners classes: adult daytime, adult evening and family classes. Supervised on-site child care will be offered by manybowling centers.

For those who want to bowl in an organized program, local bowling centers will be forming beginner's bowling leagues.

Now, what's your excuse?



Thunderhead Lanes, Taneytown: Holiday Happiness Duckpin Doubles Tournament with overall prizes and daily high game prizes; entry fee: $22 per team; 10 a.m. until closing. 751-1750.


Hampstead Lanes: Santa's Sweeper special; games just 95 cents; 10 a.m to 5 p.m. 374-6211


Hampstead Lanes: Colorama, with cash prizes for strikes and colored-pin spare combinations; entry fee $5 for three games; 10:30 a.m. 374-6211


Hampstead Lanes: Santa's Sweeper special; games just 95 cents; 10 a.m to 5 p.m. 374-6211

Dec. 31

Thunderhead Lanes, Taneytown and Westminster: New Year's Party with unlimited duckpin and tenpin bowling, free soda, coffee, pretzels chips and doughnuts; $15 per person, $28 per couple, $10 children ages 3-12; 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. 751-1750, 848-6385


Thunderhead Lanes, Taneytown and Westminster: Third annual Tenpin Doubles Classic through Dec. 31 whenever lanes are available; entry $20 per team with estimated purse of $2,500; finals Jan. 5 at Thunderhead Taneytown. 751-1750, 848-6385

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