County Athletes Win Slots On All-cmc, All-mval Teams

December 08, 1991|By Staff report

The Central Maryland Conference and Monocacy Valley Athletic League recently announced all-conference and all-league teams for fall sports.

Here's a look at the Carroll County athletes who were chosen (FSK -- Francis Scott Key; LHS -- Liberty High School; NCHS -- North Carroll; SCHS -- South Carroll; WHS -- Westminster): * CMC field hockey: First team -- Lisa Yealdhall, LHS forward; Audrey Van Norman, SCHS forward; Judie Marcus, WHS link; Patti Duffy, SCHS link; Heather Fitzgerald, SCHS link; Staci Schmidt, WHS back; Krista George, LHS centerback; Meredith Fisher, WHS centerback; Cindy Dieterly, WHS goalkeeper.

Second team -- Erin Eaton, SCHS forward; Amy Eggars, NCHS forward; Tinah Houck, WHS link; Tracy Bantel, LHS link; Tristam Corbin, NCHSlink; Cara Ober, WHS back; Lisa Mitchell, SCHS back; Kim Hoffer, LHSback.

Honorable mention -- Melanie Aprile, LHS; Shelly Reicho, LHS; Gina Christiani, NCHS; Emily Fair, NCHS; Stephanie Vaughn, NCHS; Jessie Disantostephano, SCHS; Julie Langlois, SCHS; Corrine Glover, WHS; Denise Bollinger, WHS; Nicole Batten, WHS.

* CMC football: First team -- Joe Goodwin, SCHS quarterback; Ronnie Robinson, SCHS running back; Scott Mills, SCHS wide receiver; Ben Eyster, SCHS defensive lineman.

Second team -- Antion Williams, LHS running back; Wade Zufall, NCHS wide receiver; Dave Polischeck, NCHS tight end; Bryan Soleska, SCHS center and defensive lineman; Jesse Regan-Lauer, SCHS offensive guard; Chris Hanson, WHS offensive tackle; Andy Manley, SCHS defensive end; Jason Small, NCHS linebacker; Todd Leppert, WHS safety.

Honorable mention -- Ronnie Miller, NCHS running back; Shannon King,NCHS offensive guard; Jeff Miller, NCHS defensive secondary; Mike Downs, SCHS wide receiver; Ronnie Robinson, SCHS kicker; Mike Hastings,WHS running back; Gabe Zepp, WHS running back; James Stump, WHS offensive guard; Todd Sizemore, WHS Defensive lineman; Brian Grimm, WHS linebacker; Troy Brammah, WHS linebacker.

* MVAL football: Second team -- Scott Everly, FSK wide receiver; Clint Cromwell, FSK defensivelineman; Norman Jones, FSK linebacker; Brandon Brilhart, FSK punter.

* CMC golf: First team -- Dean Blankenship, WHS; Darren Marting, WHS; Todd Dorsey, WHS.

* CMC boys soccer: First team -- Pat Gagen,LHS fullback; Travis Foote, LHS fullback; Jeff Seaman, WHS fullback;John Monar, LHS midfielder; Mads Thaysen, SCHS midfielder; Chuck Breidenbach, WHS striker; Gary Burrows, NCHS striker; Bill Reigel, LHS goalkeeper.

Second team -- Mike McGuinnes, LHS fullback; Don Pyles,SCHS fullback; Aaron Bassoff, LHS midfielder; Jon Miller, LHS midfielder; Matt Avery, WHS midfielder; Tony Fiore, WHS midfielder; Bob Windsor, NCHS striker; Mark Myers, WHS goalkeeper.

Honorable mention -- Rob Hobson, LHS; Ryan Dunham, LHS; Blake Beares, LHS; Mike Roberts, NCHS; Kevin Dull, NCHS; Scott Reaver, NCHS; Eric Peterson, SCHS; Tim Jenkins, SCHS; Chris Ahrens, WHS; Scott Smith, WHS; Chris Maynard, WHS.

* MVAL boys soccer: First team -- Dave Layman, FSK striker.

Second team -- Jeremy Metcalf, FSK defender.

Honorable mention -- Mac Carr, FSK; Scott Kreit, FSK.

* CMC girls soccer: First team -- Amy Clutter, SCHS striker; Ashlee Douglas, NCHS striker; Vicki Jackson, NCHS striker; Mindy Bankert, NCHS midfielder; Michelle Jeffery,NCHS defender; Liz Masterson, SCHS defender; Val Swomley, LHS defender; Kendra Pulis, SCHS goalkeeper.

Second team -- Kristen Erpelding, WHS; Jessica Farinholt, WHS; Gretchen Fogle, SCHS; Lisa Hanle, WHS; Emily Hegner, SCHS; Jenni Heindel, NCHS; Francine Hewes, NCHS; Julie Laudicina, SCHS; Erin Myers, LHS; Amy Shipp, WHS.

Honorable mention -- Heather Dobelstein, LHS; Darlene Marsiglia, LHS; Tammi Giffi, NCHS; Kim Piccione, NCHS; Gretchen DeWitt, SCHS; Nikki Robitaille, SCHS; Kara Hedges, WHS; Heather Mauritz, WHS.

* MVAL girls soccer: First team -- Erin Murphy, FSK striker; Cathi Bower, FSK goalkeeper.

Second team -- Heidi Strub, FSK midfielder; Susie Small, FSK defender.

Honorable mention -- Tina Wales, FSK defender.

* CMC volleyball: First team -- Meredith McCullen, LHS back row; Kelly Foreman, LHS hitter; Karen Walker, WHS hitter.

Second team -- Erica Bouthner, SCHS setter; Jenny Cooper, NCHS hitter; Laura Hennessey, LHS hitter; Steffanie Owings, WHS hitter.

Honorable mention -- Brooxxe Blye,SCHS hitter; Teri Jenkins, NCHS setter; Shelly Woodburn, NCHS hitter; Jacqui Harmon, WHS hitter.

* MVAL volleyball: Second team -- Shelly Smith, FSK.

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