Name: Brad W. RogersHonored by The Carroll County Sun for...

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December 08, 1991

Name: Brad W. Rogers

Honored by The Carroll County Sun for: Beingrecognized as the Hashawha/Bear Branch Advisory Council's co-volunteer of the year for contributing to the center's programming efforts over the past two years and working behind the scenes to ensure the success of a number of environmental initiatives

Age: 21

Residence; hometown: Taneytown

Education: Currentlya junior at Western Maryland College; graduate of Middletown High School North in Middletown, N.J.

Family: Father: Wayne, 45, employedas vice president of National Westminster Bank, a mortgage banking company in New Jersey; mother: Lois, 43, employed as the office manager of a dental office; brother: Todd, 17, a junior at Middletown High School North

Activities/hobbies: Enjoys hunting, rock climbing, fly fishing, backpacking; studying wild edible plants; majoring in physical education with a specialization in outdoor education

Accomplishments: Placing in the top 18 wrestlers in New Jersey while in high school; earning winning records in wrestling for two years while in college; working as a naturalist

Recipient's comments: "I really didn't think this award was that much of a big deal. I just thought of it as something to add to the other things I do. Outdoors is my life;it's really all I do. I never knew there was an award, the director just put my name in. I'm really surprised that you're recognizing me for this. (Dr. Francis M. "Skip" Fennell) dragged me over to the public relations department at Western Maryland and made me tell them I won the award.

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