From The Sun Dec. 8-14, 1841DEC. 10: William Lorman, Esq...


December 08, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Dec. 8-14, 1841

DEC. 10: William Lorman, Esq., one of our most respected and opulent merchants and for many years president of the Bank of Baltimore, died yesterday morning at the advanced age of 77 years.

DEC. 14: It will be seen, by an advertisement, that some malicious scoundrel has been venting his petty spite upon Mr. Barnum, the worthy host of the City Hotel.

From The Sun Dec. 8-14, 1891

DEC. 9: Mrs. E. M. Quinn and Mrs. Annie Naughton complain that the additional tracks now being laid by the Northern Central Railway Company in the village of Texas are blocking up the road in front of their property.

DEC. 11: Pheasants are plentiful in the Baltimore markets at present. They are from the West. The birds are usually scarce in their accustomed feeding-grounds in Maryland.

From The Sun Dec. 8-14, 1941

DEC. 9: Maryland last night ended the first day of United States war with Japan with emergency defense measures spreading in widening circles. Governor O'Conor called to active duty the four top ranking officers of the Maryland National Guard and all guardsmen were ordered to hold themselves for immediate call.

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