Kiam answers sexual harassment suit

December 07, 1991

New England Patriots owner Victor Kiam spent much of yesterday at a law firm giving a deposition stemming from the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by sports reporter Lisa Olson.

Olson, who is on leave from the Boston Herald, sued Kiam, three players and two front-office employees following an incident last year. Olson said the players approached herin the Patriots locker room and made lewd remarks and exposed themselves. The NFL fined the team and the players.

* GIANTS: Linebacker Pepper Johnson let it rip after practice this week, accusing unnamed defensive teammates of not going all-out on every play this season.

"It's hard in the locker room and in the Monday meetings to sit up there and maintain my self-composure watching people not competing," Johnson said. "We have a hell of a lot of good ballplayers on this squad. To see them play three plays hard out of 54, it's hard to bear it. You know the person is better than that."

Who are they? "The first thing you hear from coaches," he said, "is don't point fingers at anybody unless you can't point it at yourself. Nobody plays a perfect game."

* SAINTS: Assault and battery charges have been filed against running back Craig "Ironhead" Heyward in an incident stemming from an October pep rally at which he was accused of assaulting two women.

"He will definitely plead not guilty," said Wayne Walker, Heyward's lawyer. "When you aren't guilty, you plead not guilty."

The women said the fullback cursed them when they asked for his autograph, grabbed one of them by the crotch and breast, head-butted the other one and menaced them with an iron police barricade.

* Philadelphia defensive back Wes Hopkins was fined $7,500 and Detroit defensive back Melvin Jenkins was fined $5,000, both for rules violations.

Hopkins was fined for hitting Houston receiver Ernest Givins in the head with his right forearm Monday night.

Jenkins was fined for hitting Minnesota receiver Anthony Carter in the head area with the crown of his helmet Nov. 24.

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