Family of AIDS victim sues jail

December 07, 1991|By Ann LoLordo

The family of a former Baltimore City Jail inmate who received poor medical treatment at the facility before he died of AIDS in 1988 sued a prison health care provider yesterday, allegeding its staff treated him "like an animal" and hastened his death.

Inmate Abdullah Shabazz, who was born Stanley Mills, visited the jail infirmary 10 times in the fall of 1988 before he was admitted and then remained there for two days before the infirmary's physician, Dr. Jerry B. Hunt, examined him, according to the lawsuit filed in Baltimore Circuit Court.

Shabazz died at Johns Hopkins Hospital on Dec. 13, 1988, within 24 hours of that exam. Hopkins doctors diagnosed him with acquired immune deficiency syndrome and cryptococcal meningitis, the lawsuit says.

The suit charged that health care providers treated the inmate "like an animal."

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