Marsha Schachtel named to assist state's secretary of economic development

December 07, 1991|By Ted Shelsby /

Marsha Schachtel, who has been involved in economic development in Maryland for nearly 20 years, has been named executive assistant to the secretary of economic and employment development and charged with monitoring federal spending in the state.

Mrs. Schachtel most recently worked as a contract researcher on a project examining Baltimore's finances under a grant funded by the Abell Foundation. She also worked on the state's recently announced economic development strategy, which advocates focusing on life sciences and information technologies industries.

Prior to that, she was executive assistant for economic development for Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke.

Mrs. Schachtel said that the federal government spends more than $6 billion annually in the state. She said that about a fifth of the jobs in Maryland are directly or indirectly linked to Washington.

Mrs. Schachtel said that state officials have long known the importance of the federal government's economic impact on Maryland's economy, but that they have not acted on that knowledge to the best benefit of the state.

"This is not to say we haven't done anything," she said yesterday, two days after moving into her new job as assistant to Mark L. Wasserman.

The state has "a Washington office that works with the [state's congressional] delegation. We have someone in business development that works with federal contractors.

"But we haven't gone after this with a focus, and that's what Mark has asked me to do."

Mrs. Schachtel said that the Department of Economic and Employment Development needs to pay closer attention to how the federal budget affects facilities in the state, such as the Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground.

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