Beer and the blues at Full Moon Saloon

December 06, 1991|By Mike Giuliano

If you identify with the blues lyric, "Every day I have the blues," you'll want to get your sorry self down to the Full Moon Saloon: Bands are crying the blues at this Fells Point bar every blessed night of the week, and the regulars here wouldn't have it any other way.

Walk into the Full Moon and you're likely to hear a couple customers shouting about "hooker" this and "hooker" that. In another setting you might wonder exactly what kind of conversation you'd stumbled into, but here you soon realize they're happily discussing the merits of blues legend John Lee Hooker's latest album.

The real blues buffs sport Full Moon Saloon T-shirts that feature a wolf howling to a full moon. You can't help noticing that many of these same shirts are stretched out by some rather full bellies, but hey, it's a proven musicological fact that you cannot listen to the blues without drinking beer and lots of it.

I suppose it's possible to spend an entire evening at the front bar, huddled in conversation under a pressed-tin ceiling that seems just inches overhead, but it's more likely the music will eventually pull you toward the stage at the back of the room. If you're able to claim a seat at the handful of tables, you'll want to set up there to partake of the saloon's mostly seafood menu.

For extended pleasure, consider the blues jams held at the Full Moon every Thursday and Sunday night. After a blues- and blues rock-drenched evening, you realize the thrill is never gone for the regional blues artists who call this place home.

And if this well-worn barroom seems a little grungy in appearance, why, it's in the juke joint tradition, right? That explains what happened when the bar's new owners, determined to spruce the place up a bit, erased some graffiti. Customers complained about the loss of these choice scrawls.

Full Moon Saloon

Where: 1710 Aliceanna Street, Fells Point.

Hours: noon to 2 a.m. daily.

Menu: steamed shrimp and other seafood, BBQ, chili.

Credit cards: not accepted.

Call: (410) 558-2873.

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