Dressing up a low-fat turkey sandwich

December 04, 1991|By Knight-Ridder News Service

No-fat mayonnaise forever changed the face of turkey sandwiches.

For some of us, Thanksgiving is the only time we indulge a childhood taste for bread, turkey, salt, pepper, mayonnaise, more mayonnaise and then some more mayonnaise.

Now we can do it with much less guilt.

With or without mayonnaise or salad dressing, a turkey sandwich is inherently healthful because turkey is a low-fat filler. Just make sure to use white meat and remove the skin.

This year, many people were tempted into buying larger turkeys because some supermarkets gave away free birds with a minimum grocery purchase.

With all that turkey, here are some tips from Susan Ryskamp, registered dietitian in private practice in New Baltimore, Mich., and a health and wellness counselor for General Motors Corp., and Karen Jackson, registered dietitian at Saratoga Community Hospital in Detroit.

*Use whole grain breads or pita bread. Pita bread is an easy way to hold turkey salad without having to bind it with fat.

*Use no-fat yogurt with dill or curry and fruit-based vinaigrettes as dressing.

*Make open-face sandwiches and sprinkle them with low-fat grated cheese before broiling to melt.

*Dress a cold sandwich with leftover cranberry sauce, lettuce and tomato.

*Use plenty of vegetables including tomato, celery, cucumber, onions and sprouts. Consider adding grapes, apples, oranges and other fruit to salads.

*Use unusual mustards instead of mayonnaise or salad dressing.

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