Year's rainfall lags by more than a foot

December 02, 1991|By Jacques Kelly | Jacques Kelly,Evening Sun Staff

It would take more than a foot of rain this month to make 1991 a year of merely average rainfall in Baltimore, according to the weather records.

But don't count on that happening, said veteran National Weather Service forecaster Amet Figueroa.

"The rain we'll be getting Monday and into Tuesday is the kind of rain that you want, a slow, soaking rain," he said.

A NWS forecaster said 0.4 of an inch of rain fell yesterday at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport. He estimated that the same amount fell in the city.

November rainfall was 1.42 inches short of average, Figueroa said.

The Baltimore area has had less than 27 inches of rain this year. In 1984, the driest on record at BWI Airport, 27.89 inches of rain fell. The record low rainfall for Baltimore was in 1930, when 21.55 inches fell.

November was a month of upsets. The last day of the month, Saturday, set a heat record -- 71 degrees. The previous record, set in 1975, was 64 degrees.

Yet despite the day's warmth, the average daily temperature for the month was 45.8 degrees, half a degree below normal.

Temperatures plunged below freezing earlier in November and made the month unseasonably chilly.

This posting of a below-average monthly temperature reversed a 13-month trend during which local average temperatures had been warmer than normal.

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