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December 02, 1991|By Julius Westheimer

Tossing and turning with the sad vision of children being turned away from closed Pratt Library branches (adults, too, but I particularly thought of children), I had a brainstorm Thursday night. Following up on Friday I phoned Pratt Director Anna Curry and asked, "If I send you a $10,000 check -- and several dozen other people and organizations do the same -- will that keep some branches open?"

"It sure will," she excitedly replied, adding, "I just talked to Mayor Schmoke and he found $200,000 for us. If we could raise another $200,000 it would buy us some time until our fiscal year ends on June 30. Then we can move forward permanently."

Mrs. Curry went on, "We need all the immediate public support we can get from concerned individuals, businesses and foundations. Then we can keep many 'closed' libraries open."

If you can help in any amount, mail your tax-deductible checks to Enoch Pratt Free Library, c/o Anna Curry, Director, 400 Cathedral St., Balto., Md. 21201.

To make sure I wouldn't change my mind I mailed my ten grand before daybreak Saturday.

BACK TO WORK: "Fall in Love With Your Job Again" in Working Mother, December, is worth reading. Excerpts: "Two triggers typically set off job dissatisfaction, one external (a new manager you can't stand) or internal (nothing happens; your job continues to bore you.) . . . Figure out why you're so unhappy, then take the initiative. Waiting for 'something to come up' is futile. . . . Take on more responsibility in an area where you're interested and qualified, like training managers. . . . Find something that helps the bottom line. . . . Rescue an existing project. . . . Don't be afraid to start small."

BALTIMORE BEAT: Beginning today, all Maryland National Bank branches will be collecting for Neighbors in Need program. The bank asks everyone to continue last year's success -- every branch's box was filled weekly -- by bringing non-perishable foods and new toys. For details call Melissa Fischer, 410-377-6900. . . . WBAL-TV Vice President Joseph Heston writes, "You can make money and help your favorite charity [Salvation Army or another] by participating in the gift annuity program and the Charitable Remainder Unitrust." And Salvation Army Planned Giving Director William Lapole adds, "Sudden interest has developed because of the charitable contribution deduction and very favorable rates The Salvation Army offers -- up to 14 percent." (For details, phone Lapole at 410-889-4025).

DECEMBER DIARY: "Math majors make more money; a strong math education paves the way for higher-paying jobs." (Working Woman) . . . "Middle managers are blowing their chances of landing jobs by not conducting enough research about prospective employers prior to their interviews." (Lee Hecht Harrison outplacement survey) . . . Our Daily Bread soup kitchen moved to spacious, modern quarters yesterday; new address for food, money, etc.: 411 Cathedral St. (corner of Franklin St.), Balto., Md. 21201. . . . "When It Makes Sense to Accept a Lower-Level Position" is worth reading in National Business Employment Weekly, dated today. . . . This Friday marks the season's earliest sunset, so you'll begin to travel home in brighter evenings beginning next week.

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