Unfriendly experienceThe article by Doug Brown in last...


December 01, 1991

Unfriendly experience

The article by Doug Brown in last Sunday's Sun regarding Eddie Murray prompted me to write. I left the baseball card show with a completely opposite view of Eddie and his friendliness toward the Baltimore fans.

I stood with a camera in front of Eddie and Cal for a while trying to get a picture. I watched Cal smile and speak to everyone. (Cal was terrific, even though I did not get an autograph). I never saw Eddie even crack a smile. He looked right into my camera twice with a blank stare.

If Eddie can't take the time to be friendly to his fans, then I don't want his autograph.

Terri Hadoulis


Time to move on

I read Timothy Bahr's letter (last Sunday) with much interest. Memorial Stadium will always have a special place in all of our hearts. However, the time has come to move on and forward. Yes, the state of the economy is dead at this time. But the construction of the new park has provided needed jobs, and, in the future, is going to create additional economic activity in the area that desperately needs it. This will, in turn, create revenue for government services, such as education.

Mr. Bahr, the Orioles are an important economic asset to the region, and losing them would be more tragic than seeing Memorial Stadium close. In order for the club to stay competitive in years to come, the club seating, luxury boxes, and the quality seating that is more comfortable and without obstruction are needed. In addition, they will enhance our enjoyment of the game.

It will be different. It is a change and the stadium will be missed, but, as you, Mr. Bahr, I am greatly looking forward to years of enjoyment and what will become many more memories in a first-class facility.

Jerry Kolodkin


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