Dear Doctor:Considering the quality of food provided by...

Stadium Doctor

December 01, 1991

Dear Doctor:

Considering the quality of food provided by ARA-Martin's through the years, wouldn't it be nice to have some locals have their own booths? This could provide a tremendous variety from folks with a reputation to uphold, thereby guaranteeing quality.

I'm sure it could be arranged that ARA received compensation while not having to provide the food. That would be a win for everyone.

Sig Seidenman

Owings Mills

Dear Sig Seidenman:

Thank you for your letter, which arrived just before lunch time. You sound like a man who knows a good onion ring when he tastes it. You sound like a man who appreciates good dinner company. You sound like a guy who might invite me over to eat. Say, Friday, 7:30?

Anyway, I thought about this question long and hard, until I realized I didn't know what to say. Then I called Jay Boyle, ARA general manager at Memorial Stadium and, soon, at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. He knew what to say.

In so many words, he said that ARA pays a lot of money for the right to serve food at the stadium, and it isn't interested in any partners right now, thank you.

Then, Boyle said that, if it's variety you want, you'll get it at the new place.

"I can't see any ballpark in the country where the menu will be as diverse," he said.

Then he started talking about the three delis, chili, salads and a lot of other stuff. It sounded very convincing and made me thirsty.

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