Cartoon Nails Feminists

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December 01, 1991

From: Angela G. Toner

I love the cartoon (Howard County Sun, Dialogue cartoon by Rob Snyder, Nov. 24) of the three feminist vultures! Feminists and liberals claim to be "open-minded," but usually it's only with those who agree with them!

The media usually portrays the members of NOW as saints out to serve the world, so it's refreshing to see them being portrayed for what they really are.


From: Nancy Seitz

Ellicott City

Let us all hope that the election results from Washington state will take the steam out of Darrel Drown's ill-conceived idea to limit voters. I am referring to the defeat of the referendum on the ballot in Washington to limit the terms of elected leaders and to the council member's announcement that he will sponsor a petition drive to have term limits put on the Howard County ballot.

Mr. Drown mustknow that the terms of council members are already limited to four years. After that period of time, they must face the voters with theirrecord and either be re-elected or not. The voters then have the right and the responsibility to elect the best person to fill that position. By pushing for a cap of three terms on the council, Mr. Drown may be denying the voters the best possible candidate. Term limits onlylimit the voters' choice.

Many of us feel frustrated about the power of incumbents to be re-elected, the money spent on election campaigns, abuses by elected officials and the media show that our political process has become, but term limitations are a simplistic answer to these frustrations. By limiting the terms of our elected leaders weare throwing in the towel and saying that we will not take responsibility for electing the best.

Howard County citizens take their vote seriously and we are not willing to throw in the towel. As the lastelection showed, we are willing to change office holders when we seefit. Darrel Drown, of all people, would know this best. He beat an incumbent for his seat on the council. Maybe Mr. Drown will need to bereminded of the limit on his term in the next election.

With a quarter of his term nearly gone, Darrel Drown has proven to be a do-nothing council member more interested in grabbing headlines for trendy ideas then dealing with the hard realities facing Howard County. His only major piece of legislation has been the failed term-limitation bill he is now pushing to petition.

One would hope that the former budget director for the school system would be well equipped to find "fat" in the county's budget, but we have heard nothing from him. When Council member Paul Farragut offered to return his raise to the county as a cost-cutting symbol, Mr. Drown was not heard from. He has whined the loudest about the new district map but, come the next election, I imagine he will be the first person heading to Elkridge lookingfor votes. And he will be basing his claims to be the best person for the job on his experience as a council member. He hasn't done such a good job so far.


From: Debbie Derwart

President, MADD

Howard County Chapter

On Saturday, Nov. 16, MADD Howard County held its annual Red Ribbon Campaign kick-off. We would liketo publicly acknowledge and give our sincerest thanks to all those who attended. The elected public officials present were: Sen. Tom Yeager, County Executive Charles Ecker, Judge Dennis Sweeney, County Council Chairman C. Vernon Gray, County Councilman Darrel Drown and Delegate Robert Kittleman.

Gentlemen, it is with your political assistance that we are winning the battle against drunk driving. Thank you for giving your time so unselfishly.

We also wish to send our gratitude to:

State Trooper Bill Tower and all those incredible troopers who are always on the roads combating the problem of drunk driving,who are always putting their lives on the line. How fortunate the state is to have all of you. Thanks for always being there for us!

To our own Chief Jim Robey, Sergeant Lee Goldman, and all the police officers of Howard County who have committed to getting drunk drivers off our Howard County roads, we salute you.

To the local Sheriff'sDepartment, thanks for doing your part. Your department is an integral part of our county. Thanks for sending your representative, Chuck Carn.

To Joyce Brown of the Howard County Substance Abuse Program,you are a marvel. Thank you for your hard and constant work and yourdedication. We along with the community are blessed to have you.

To all the Girl Scout troops, the Optimist Club of Ellicott City, Long and Foster Realty of Ellicott City, Developmental Services Inc., toname a few, thanks for cutting, stapling and distributing our red ribbons -- 130,000 thank yous. (That was the number cut this year.)

Thanks to all the businesses who joined in the caravan. Thanks also to all those unnamed volunteers. We know who you are.

To Mike Gonder, Shirley Rapizo and Gene Pierson of Consolidated Freightways, one of our corporate sponsors, thanks for your time and concern.

Thanksto Jim Ferry Photography for recording the event with your photos. You are sensational.

To the community at large, please take those red ribbons, tie them on your vehicles, and spread the message to drive safe and sober. They remind everyone who sees them to drive sober.

Remember always: "Keep dreams alive. Don't drink and drive."

Your local MADD chapter is here for you and always welcomes your support.

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