Approved High School Design Is Short 6 Acres

December 01, 1991

The school board endorsed a site design for the western high school last Wednesday, although school officials must acquire 6 acres to make the layout feasible.

School officials were scheduled to meet Wednesday with representatives of Howard Research and Development, the development arm of Rouse Co., which owns the land. Associate Superintendent Sydney L. Cousin could not be reached Wednesday for comment on the outcome of the talks. The school offices and Rouse Co. were closed Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The board might also end up paying for a road leading off Route 108 to the school entrance if River Hill, Columbia's 10th village, is not developed by the time the school opens in August 1994.

TrotterRoad resident Al Geis told the Education Board at the meeting that he thought it was odd to approve a site design without owning the necessary acreage. Geis said he thought the school should be farther westand south.

"My major concern is that we're going to end up with asituation

where the students of western Howard County are going to have to be bused a long way to school," he said.

Architect Stephen L. Parker said the stadium, which lies between the planned high school and Clarksville Elementary, will be dug into a hillside to minimize sound that might disturb residents.

He estimated construction cost of the 235,000-square-foot school building at $77.22 per square foot, or $21.9 million.

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