Emergency Jobless Benefits Set

December 01, 1991

Unemployed Maryland residents who exhausted their regular 26 weeks of unemployment insurance benefits on or after March 1, 1991, will be notified by mail of their eligibility for 13 weeks of federal Emergency Unemployment Insurance Compensation.

Information and application packages will be forwarded to all potential claimants beginning yesterday.

To be eligible for the new federal benefits, claimants must complete and return to the Department of Economic and Employment Development application forms sent to them.

Federal law requires that claimants:

* Continue to look for work and record each work search contact.

* Who are employed not quit work to collect benefits.

* Must not file claims for any weeks that a search for work has not occurred.

* Must accept any job offer paying at least the equivalent oftheir weekly benefit amount and above the minimum wage.

Claimantsare advised not to visit or call any local DEED office concerning this program unless instructed by DEED.

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