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December 01, 1991

From: Daisy F. Combs

Forest Hill

Once again, women are last. When funds are cut to Mann House, they decide to do away with women's treatment and keep it for the men.

They say that they cannot afford the Marty Mann House. What nonsense! Just look at the two buildings. How much does it cost to heat and supply other utilities to the men's house (on Williams Street) as compared with the women's house (on Hickory Avenue)?

Good people in the government of Harford County supported the idea of the Marty Mann House. I don't know how much rent the county charges, but I doubt that it is very much. David Creed at Mann House says that the Marty MannHouse has not been full, but does he realize that with all the otherservices cut in Maryland, this house is more necessary now than ever? Leave it open -- it will be full!

If Mann House does not want the Marty Mann House to exist, I hope that someone will try to save it.It's high time that women stop being treated like second-class citizens.


From: Jan M. Abbott

Forest Hill

Who is in charge of Marty Mann House? Is it the state of Maryland, Harford County, the Health Department, or the "directors" of Mann House? Who is responsible for this program's closing?

If the state gives the money, doesn't it have some say in women getting help and treatment? Why has it been decided that if there is going to be a halfway house in Harford County that it will only be for men?

Women need help just as much as men and they just don't get it. In view of the supposedly "equal rights," someone should take action to keep Marty Mann House open.


From: Christine Haggett


Education Association

Bel Air

In reference to SamuelGoldreich's article, "Few disruptions seen in teachers work to contract strike," Harford County Sun, Nov. 10, a few definitions are in order.

"Work to contract" means following the stated terms and conditions of your contract. It involves coming in on time and leaving at the end of the duty day.

A strike is total withdrawal of all services.

Our job action is designed to draw the attention of the public to the constant and consistent under-funding of the school system in Harford County.

We are 14th in the state in wealth per pupil. Weare 22nd in the state in per-pupil funding. Baltimore City spends more per pupil than we do. The teachers of Harford County give more than that which is required every day.

We need the support of the public in preventing any further cuts in education funding.

To call our action a strike is inaccurate and misleading. I never used the word during the interview, and neither did Goldreich.

I do not appreciate the negative implications given in reporting our job action which was carefully planned to draw positive attention to the needs of Harford County public schools and the needs of the students and teachers of Harford County.


From: Shanon Batchelor

White Hall

The Falling Branch Committee would like to thank ourelected officials, state Sen. William Amoss for calling the Department of Natural Resources, County Councilwoman Theresa Pierno, who responded immediately with a plan to work on this project, and to Delegate Mary Louise Preis for the great news.

Thanks to Tim Chumley, theleader of the Harford County branch of the Sierra Club, for startingthe "Save Falling Branch" petition. Also to Macgill James, of the Nature Conservancy, who organized the Falling Branch committee.

I want to personally thank all the committee members for volunteering their time and effort, Dennis Kirkwood for the technical data, Joe Tydings for encouragement, and Charles Lucier for the typewriter.

A special thanks to everyone who signed the Falling Branch petition, and to Bernie Wentker, of the DNR, for his vision of a scenic Deer Creek river valley.

We hope to see you all at the state Board of Public Works meeting in January.

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