Alternatives to wrapping paper

December 01, 1991|By Knight-Ridder News Service

This year, instead of buying wrapping paper for holiday gifts -- which uses trees and creates a lot of unnecessary waste -- try some alternatives.

Buy some inexpensive holiday-patterned material and stitch up gift sacks, leaving holes in the hem of the bag's open end for colorful drawstrings. This can also make a great fund-raising project for scouts or church groups.

Those who don't want to stitch up their own bags can check natural foods stores, eco-catalogs and shops that sell ecological gifts or mail order Eco-Gift Bags from a Boulder, Colo.,company by calling 1-800-947-9472. The bags come in three sizes and cost $7-$11.

Though initially more expensive than wrapping paper, the bags can be reused from year to year in families and end up costing less over time. Besides really personalizing gifts, the bags can also be used for stowing everything from crayons to pantyhose.

Other suggestions for tree-saving gift wrap are towels -- which become part of the gift -- or the Sunday comics.

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