From The Sun Dec. 1-7, 1841DEC. 1: We yesterday received a...


December 01, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Dec. 1-7, 1841

DEC. 1: We yesterday received a delightful dish of fried oysters. An accompanying note informed us that they came from the restaurant of Messers. Krine & Hoffman, a new establishment just opened at No. 34 Eutaw Street, corner of Wagon Alley.

DEC. 2: The lecture before the Maryland Institute will be one worthy of attention. The lecturer, Francis S. Key, Esq., is one of the most distinguished advocates of our country and whatever he touches cannot be otherwise than elegant.

From The Sun Dec. 1-7, 1891

DEC. 1: The tracks of the Northern Central Railway near Glencoe Station were blocked for about five hours by a freight wreck yesterday morning. A broken axle derailed and smashed six cars.

Dec. 2: The Baltimore Sugar Refinery at Curtis Bay shut down yesterday and the employees were discharged. About 100 persons were thrown out of employment.

From The Sun Dec. 1-7, 1941

DEC. 1: Jews must take into consideration the realities of the international situation, must take a world view of conditions, for any successful approach to the reconstruction of Jewish life, the Rev. Dr. Morris S. Lazaron declared yesterday.

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