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December 01, 1991


Editor: Arlene Ehrlich's article on carpal tunnel syndrome [Sept. 29] was an excellent review of this far-reaching and complex problem.

For patients who require surgery . . . there is a new technology using an internal camera and two 1/4 inch incisions. . . .

The first "endoscopic carpal tunnel release" in the Baltimore area was performed earlier this year at St. Agnes Hospital. I am currently teaching other hand surgeons this new technology, which holds promise as a wonderful alternative for most patients considering surgery. . . .

Paul M. Apostolo, M.D.

Chief, Subsection of

Hand Surgery

St. Agnes Hospital


Editor: Douglas Birch wrote a good article ["Getting a Handle on the Hubble," Oct. 20], but I wonder if the picture of Supernova 1987A has really contributed anything to present-day knowledge. Am I concerned why older stars burn as brightly as younger stars, about the discs around Beta Pictoris, the bizarre structure of Eta Carinae or the storm around Saturn? Unequivocally, I am not. I enthusiastically endorse scientific discovery, but I think that Copernicus with his marked sticks and feeble light made contributions far beyond those of today. . . .

Why did we spend $2.1 billion for this instrument? We all regret the ills which have befallen the project since its inception. The ultimate purpose of putting men on the moon and determining how the universe was formed does not seem pertinent to living at the moment. Planet Earth and its occupants need so much that billions spent on the Hubble instrument could have provided.

Joseph M. Miller, M.D.


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