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November 30, 1991|By David Zurawik THEATER Not by the numbers


'Hallmark' drama

It's hard to miss with a "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation that includes the likes of Denholm Elliott, Judy Davis and Sam Neill. "One Against the Wind," airing tomorrow night at 9 on Channel 11, features Davis as a wealthy Englishwoman living quite well in 1940 Paris, despite the Nazi occupation. But her life changes once she helps nurse a downed British pilot (Neill) back to health.

A scintillating version of the award-winning musical "Nine" is currently on stage at the Vagabond Theatre. Based on Federico Fellini's autobiographical 1963 film "8 1/2 ," the satirical work centers on a philandering, middle-aged movie director who is going through a life crisis. Choreographer and director Todd Pearthree has created some exceptional rhythmic movement. Outstanding in this dandy little show are Kimberly A. Nolan as the long-suffering wife and Eileen Keenan as a former love. 8:30 p.m. 806 S. Broadway. Tickets: $9. Call (410) 563-9135.

Winifred Walsh Every sports fan is familiar with the concept of "home team advantage," but what about the musical equivalent -- home club advantage? If the concept seems foreign to your experience, then by all means catch Kix at Hammerjacks this evening. Not only will you hear one of the finest hard rock bands in the whole Northeast, but you'll witness the sort of audience chemistry that barely exists anymore on the arena-rock level. Tickets are $11, and the doors open at 8 p.m.; call (410) 659-7625 for details.

J.D. Considine


The entertainer

"For the Boys" is a big film that covers World War II, The Korean War and Vietnam. Bette Midler and James Caan are entertainers who meet in England during World War II. The film follows them as they continue their professional-personal relationship through the years. There is some music, '40s style, but this is less a musical than it is a drama with music, one that will now and then tear you apart. The film dawdles on occasion, but overall it's vastly entertaining. Language, violence, sex. Rating: R. ***

Lou Cedrone "V. I. Warshawski" was given the lump award of the week when it was first shown in theaters, which is one of the reasons it was withdrawn so quickly.

Well, if you missed it in the theaters, rent it on video and judge for yourself. Kathleen Turner stars. She plays a detective who uses both charm and muscle as she goes about her job.

The film, fast and funny, is a return to the detective movies of the '40s. Language, violence. Rating: R. ***

Lou Cedrone

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