Money may burn a hole in your pocket, but . . .A woman's...

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November 29, 1991

Money may burn a hole in your pocket, but . . .

A woman's holiday plans almost went up in smoke, but luckily they ended up only half baked.

Silvanna Deacetis, of Wolcott, Conn., took $770 out of her savings account to spend on Christmas, and hid the cash in her oven until she could go shopping.

On Monday, the 62-year-old woman decided to bake muffins -- then go shopping.

When she returned, she found her muffins cooked perfectly. But her currency didn't fare as well.

"The money was brown, almost transparent. It was definitely cooked," said Ginny Currier, a teller in Centerbank's Wolcott branch where the money was replaced. "But everything was legible."

If the serial numbers are legible "it's still legal tender," said Gary Fetzer, director of corporate communications with Centerbank.

Stand by your man, survey tells Barbie

He's less than a foot tall, has a phony tan and a rather plastic smile. Nevertheless, most Americans say Barbie should stick with Ken.

A survey done in September for the dolls' manufacturer, Mattel Inc., asked, "Do you think Barbie should have a new boyfriend, or should she stay with Ken?" Sixty-four percent voted for Ken.

Barbie, who made her debut in 1959, has been going out with Ken since 1961.

The national survey was based on 1,004 telephone interviews of people 18 or older. It has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

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