Swing Some Local History From Your Christmas Tree

B & A Trail Station Holiday Ornament To Benefit Jaycees

November 28, 1991|By Angela Gambill | Angela Gambill,Staff writer

Severna Park residents can swing a bit of history from their Christmas trees this year with a dainty silver and red ornament featuring a local landmark.

The fourth edition in a sequence of local sites, the 1991 ornament depicts the B & A Trail Park Ranger Station and sells for $6.50. Proceeds go to the community's Jaycees.

On the Christmas ball is a finely printed design of the newly renovated station, which is in a building on Earleigh Heights Road, nextto the B & A Trail.

The building, dating to 1889, originally was used as a grocery store. It later was used as a train stop, and tickets were sold there, says Lisa Heene, 29, who drew the design.

"It has a nice appeal, since it's directed toward Severna Park," says Heene. "It's something different, unique, a collector's item for people who live here."

The building changed hands several times during the years and in 1953 was bought by Charles and Mary Katlic, who used it as a home. The county bought the property in 1988, and this year, the building was renovated to contain the ranger station.

In the past three years, the community ornaments featured the train station, the entrance to the Severna Park library before it was renovated and the horse and carriage logo of Dawson's, a wine and spirits establishment that once was an all-purpose country store.

Heene, an art teacher who joined the Jaycees two years ago, took over the ornament project this year.

"Since this was the first year the ranger station was renovated, and it had been around for so long, we thought it was agood subject," she says.

To create the design, Heene drew a large-scale picture of the ranger station and thickened the lines with a black marker. She then enlarged it on a photocopy machine to send off for reproduction on an ornament.

Heene, who has lived in the area most of her life and graduated from Severna Park High School before earning her bachelor's degree in art at Towson State University, says other historic landmarks in the area would make nice artistic keepsakes.

For example, a section of the B & A trail, which wouldn't fit in this year's picture, and the old railroad bridge near Round Bay would be worth preserving in art form, she says.

Heene has spent more than 100 hours on the project, calling banks and art stores in Severna Park to find businesses willing to carry the ornaments. About 25 establishments have donated their services to sell the ornaments without taking a percentage of the cost, she says.

Last year, the 300 ornaments ordered sold out. The Jaycees ordered 528 ornaments this year, Heene says, and so far they are selling well.

Those interestedin buying an ornament should check in local stores or call 647-7020.

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