This season's tinypurses hark back to the '60s


November 28, 1991|By Orange County Register

They're barely big enough to hold a checkbook. Some are so small, you'd think they were made for Barbie-collecting 7-year-olds. They're this season's new handbags -- big on style, tiny in size.

How small is small? Five inches by 7 inches, about the size of a videocassette.

They come in chunky, hard, geiometric shapes, looking a little like sand pails, vanity cases and miniature barrels.

"They're inspired by the structured bags of the early '60s," said Beth Wetzel, a handbag buyer for Nordstrom stores.

How can women adjust to little bags? Ms. Wetzel suggests paring down the contents of a bag to a few itims -- a small coin purse, credit cards, lipstick, keys and ID case.

Handbag designer Carlos Falchi thinks a working woman should have two bags, "a large tote and a nice small bag to go with it."

" A tote is too bulky when a woman goes out to lunch or to a meeting outside of the office," he said.

"But it can hold most of her things. So she can leave that in her car or at work and take the small bag containing her essentials."

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