Looking great at any age

November 28, 1991|By Francine Parnes

Seniors can look great at any age, writes Jo Peddicord in her new book, "Look Like a Winner After 50."

The book, (National Writers Press, $15.95) to be published in January 1992, offers these tips:

* To guard against winter's chill, layering is key. Double up on pantyhose with light-colored support stockings topped by sheers.

* To camouflage a "widow's hump," or rounded back and shoulders, wear clothing with a collar rather than a jewel neckline. A large silk square tied at the neck will soften the profile.

* Avoid fabrics like flat knits that cling to the upper body. They accentuate the rounded contour. Instead, go for texture, like nubby tweeds, mohair and fuzzy angora.

* For narrow shoulders, use shoulder pads. They square the upper body and slenderize the waist and hips.

* As you age, skin and hair lose pigmentation, so go all out for colors to light up your face. Indulge in a riot of brights like purple, red and fuchsia. It'll brighten your complexion as well as your spirits.

* Don't let arthritis turn dressing into a daily struggle. Choose clothes with front openings, especially with flexible Velcro hook and loop closures.

* Think comfort. Katharine Hepburn broke ground for women with stylish trousers. They're fashionable and flattering and can be teamed with long underwear to stave off winter winds.

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