Ccgh Plans Expansion, Modernization Of Facilities

November 27, 1991|By Cindy Parr | Cindy Parr,Contributing writer

WESTMINSTER — Carroll County General Hospital plans a second phase renovation thatwould expand emergency and operating rooms and modernize the obstetrics and gynecological wing.

Also included in the proposed construction would be the addition of a third-floor patient wing on the west side of the hospital below the new psychiatric unit.

The hospital plans to finance most of the $5.1 million project through a $1 million contribution from the Carroll County Hospital Foundation, the hospital's non-profit fund-raising arm, and the sale of $3.4 million in tax-free municipal bonds, which have been authorized by the state, and must be approved by the county commissioners.

Theremaining $700,000 will be paid by the hospital, said Charles R. Graf, president of Carroll County Health Services Corp., the hospital's parent company.

Graf said the hospital will request Health Services Cost Review Commission approval to raise rates by 2 percent to 2.5 percent across the board. The panel sets rates for Maryland hospitals.

"We came up with that percentage increase because we will need to take care of the debt we will accrue from the bonds," Graf said.

Hospital officials discussed the plans Monday with county commissioners Donald I. Dell and Elmer C. Lippy at a luncheon at the Comfort Inn.

Graf told the commissioners the hospital was ready to further expand facilities and technology.

"We are doing well financially," Graf said. "We feel as long as we can keep growing it helps our localeconomy."

Last year, as part of the first phase of construction, the hospital added a new cardiology and angiography lab, and psychiatric unit.

"We are in the second phase of our feasibility plan, andwe are asking the county for approval so we will be allowed to sell bonds which will help with the cost of new construction and renovation projects," Graf said.

The $5.1 million will pay for construction, architectural and engineering fees and equipment, Graf said.

"Wewill be adding a 20 bed, state-of-the-art, medical, surgical nursingunit on the third floor of the patient tower. Also the northwest-patient care wing will be refurbished and remodeled," said Gill Chamblin, CCGH public relations director.

The hospital plans to more than double the size of its 4,000-square-foot emergency room to 10,000 square feet.

"In the operating room we will probably add two to threemore rooms, as well as double the size of the recovery room," Graf said.

Graf said the next step would be to have a hospital consultant and work with doctors and nurses to allocate space for the emergency, operating and recovery room areas.

"We would like to see a redesign of the obstetrics area that would give us more room for fathers participating in the delivery of a baby," he said. "By redesigning wewill be able to better accommodate the way delivery has changed."

Graf said hospital officials "were satisfied" with the work of Gaithersburg's McDevitt and Street, which built the psychiatric unit and cardiology and angiography labs.

"In all likelihood we will use them again," he said.

The new hospital construction is expected to get under way in the spring of 1992.

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