Clarksville Land Included In Proposal

November 27, 1991|By James M. Coram | James M. Coram,Staff writer

Clarksville property owners along Route 108 between Route 32 and Sheppard Lane learned Monday that their land will be included in a Jan. 9 comprehensive rezoning proposal.

County planning director JosephW. Rutter Jr. said County Council members C. Vernon Gray, D-3rd, andPaul R. Farragut, D-4th, asked him to include the half-mile Clarksville corridor in the administration's comprehensive rezoning proposal for the western portion of the county.

Council members, who also sit as the zoning board, believe a comprehensive approach is preferable to the many piecemeal petitions theyare receiving for zoning changes in the area, Rutter said.

Deputyplanning director Marsha McLaughlin presented three zoning options to 36 people at the Clarksville Fire Hall.

One would convert the business strip along Route 108 into a commercial park. Access to the park would be from an interior road instead of the many private driveways that now spill onto Route 108.

The second option would be to make the area behind the businesses a "receiving zone" where 18 to 20 houses could be built at higher density than in other rural portions of the county. To do this, acreage would have to be kept out of development in a rural sending zone.

The third option would be to do nothing. That option means individual property owners would continue to seek zoning changes an a per-case basis or "get swallowed up" by changes, Rutter said.

The essential question, McLaughlin told the property owners, is, "Do we need more commercial zoning when a village center will be built across the street?" The Rouse Co. is planning to put the River Hill village center on the southeast edge of Route 108 when it builds Columbia's final village.

The county must decide howto provide access to a business park without increasing traffic, McLaughlin said, adding that "some kind of common access is the only scheme that will work." She also said the county needs to decide what the commercial park would be like and whether it would compete with theRiver Hill village center.

Several property owners said they wanted the River Hill village center sewer lines put deep enough so that they could be extended across the street and used for the businesses there. Rutter told owners the property across the street is outside the county's planned water and sewer area.

Rutter said he will makehis Clarksville zoning recommendations within the next week. He plans to bring the comprehensive proposal before the planning board Jan. 9.

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