Sandra H. French To Run For School Board Again

November 27, 1991

Sandra H. French, who narrowly lost the 1990 school board race to Susan J. Cook, is going to try again in 1992.

French, 48, announced last week that she will run for one of the two board seats currently occupied by Karen B. Campbell and Ruth Y. Hutchinson. Both incumbentshave said they will retire at the end of their terms in December 1992.

"I don't want the fall of 1991 to be considered the last hurrah for the Howard County school system," French said, referring to Maryland School Performance Program results that placed Howard and Frederick Counties at the top of the state and the seven state championships won by county high school sports teams.

When the county's economy recovers, French would like to see the school system give a greater role in managing individual schools to the principal, teachers and parents. She also wants to get started on a seven-period day for high schools.

French, a substitute teacher and temporary office worker, is active in state and national PTAs. She recently completed her thirdyear as state PTA vice president and is now representing the national organization on the steering committee to draft the nationwide history test that will be given to 4th, 8th and 12th-graders in 1994.

An Ellicott City resident, she has two sons, one a 1991 graduate of Glenelg High School who is now a freshman at Cornell University and one in the fifth grade at West Friendship Elementary School. She is married to Martin French, a project manager for Westinghouse Corp.

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