It's Longfellow, By George

November 27, 1991|By Felicia Lamport

Tell Bush not the mournful figure

-! Of our grave financial slump:

He is into something bigger

3' That he's sure will prime the pump.

"Buy yourself a house and car, man!"

* He exclaims with bonhomie,

"Follow me and Richard Darman:

' We'll save the economy.

"Though you suffer unemployment,

, That's a thing to disregard.

Live your life with full enjoyment;

.` Charge it to your credit card.

"As to paying back the money,

5) There's no hurry; don't feel pressed.

Bankers grow extremely sunny

( Totting up the interest.

"My advice is buy and buy now.

, Follow it like little lambs.

If you think your debt's too high now,

Just consider Uncle Same's.

"Now's the time for all good men to

Get recession off our backs.

Show the nation your intent to

( Live as credit cardiacs.

"Let us start a spending spree

% Without any more ado,

Spark the GNP (and me)

& Just in time for '92."

Felicia Lamport, who lives in Cambridge, Mass., is author of "Light Metres," among other books of verse.

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