Geiger, Krivak kick off their Terp evaluation

November 26, 1991|By Mike Preston

Maryland athletic director Andy Geiger met with football coach Joe Krivak yesterday morning to evaluate the program, but details of the discussion were not available.

Krivak, 56, in the first year of a four-year contract worth $94,000 a year, left after the meeting for an afternoon flight to Macon, Ga., where he was a guest speaker for a touchdown club.

Geiger, who renewed Krivak's contract at the end of last season, said little but repeated that there was no deadline for ending the evaluation.

"The next few days are going to be like sand running through the hourglass," said Geiger, who spent little time in his office yesterday. "A lot of the players have left to go home for the holidays and I won't be able to speak with them until they return. I can't rush this evaluation because there are a lot of things I need to know and get accomplished for Maryland football."

According to Maryland senior quarterback Jim Sandwisch, Krivak told his players last weekend he didn't anticipate any changes.

"He said that he had heard Joe Krivak can't motivate, and that he was cold and impersonal," said Sandwisch. "He said that if that's the case, he is what he is and he wasn't going to change. He also said that three of the closest things to him were his family, his assistants and the players, and that he was dedicated his coaching staff and players."

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