Police puzzle over Parkville burglary this crime was ' a little bit different'


November 26, 1991|By Joe Nawrozki | Joe Nawrozki,Evening Sun Staff

A burglar with a somewhat bizarre sense of the symmetrical is being sought by Baltimore County police after he broke into a Parkville apartment and rearranged some wine glasses in a dining room hutch.

Police said the novel aspect about this crime, which occurred sometime early yesterday morning in the Apple Hill Apartments, is that the burglar left without harming anyone or stealing any property.

An officer familiar with the case today refused to confirm or deny that officers were searching for someone who was quickly nicknamed "The Lone Rearranger."

"I have no idea why somebody would want to do this," said one of two women who live in the apartment. "All I know is that the intruder moved the four wine glasses in our dining room hutch. They were at a curved angle when we went to bed and in a straight line when we got up."

Nothing else was disturbed, she said.

Police said the burglar forced open the front door of the apartment while the two woman, 23 and 58, were asleep. There '' were other signs of a forced entry, police said.

The Spanish-style hutch in which the four long-stemmed glasses are kept is about 15 feet from where one of the woman slept.

"He was very quiet, whoever it was," said the occupant, who worksas a cashier at a furniture store.

Police removed two of the glasses to the crime lab where they were dusted for fingerprints. The prints will be matched against those of the two residents.

While police would not comment on any progress they were making in the investigation, spokesman Sgt. Stephen Doarnberger did offer that -- in an age of crime and violence -- the case of the rearranged wine glasses "is a bit different."

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