Library Employees Agree To Four Unpaid Holidays

Action Trims $113,000 From Wage Budget

November 25, 1991

County library employees have agreed to accept four unpaid holidays to comply with County Executive Robert R. Neall's request for $113,000 in library wage reductions.

The "no work, no pay" holidays will be Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Memorial Day. The222-member library staff will also be furloughed for the afternoon of the library's full-staff meeting on May 6, 1992, a day the library is closed to the public.

"Staff members are not happy about the news, but they understand the situation the county is faced with and are willing to do their part," Library Administrator Edward B. Hall said in a written release last week.

As part of the budget-balancing plan, the library's 85 staff substitutes will receive a pay cut. Pages,mostly teen-agers who work part-time shelving books, will not be affected by the reduction because they are paid the minimum wage of $4.25 per hour.

Retirement benefits for library employees will not be affected.

Staff furloughs on days the library system is open to the public were not considered. Library officials felt this would place an undue burden on staff members who are already taxed by the hiring freeze.

The librarysystem falls under the Neall amendment to the state Budget Reconciliation Act of 1992, which gives the General Assembly power to cut its budget. The amendment gave the county executive authority to reduce budgets for the Board of Education, Anne Arundel Community College andthe library system at mid-year.

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