Here are summaries of some recent Computing product...


November 25, 1991|By Knight-Ridder Financial Service

Here are summaries of some recent Computing product reviews. each product is rated on a scale of one to four, with one computer indicating poor and four indicating excellent:

Publisher's Paintbrush 2.0, for PC or compatible running Windows 3.0 or later and with at least 7.5 megabytes of free disk space. $495. From ZSoft Corp., 450 Franklin Road, Suite 100, Marietta, Ga. 30067. (404) 428-0008.

ColorStudio 1.5, for Mac LC or II with at least 4MB of RAM and hard disk. $995. From Letraset GDS Inc., 40 Eisenhower Drive, Paramus, N.J. 07653. (800) 343-8973.

Adobe PhotoShop 2.0, for Mac SE or II with at least 2MB RAM and hard disk. $895. From Adobe Systems Inc., 1585 Charleston PTC Road, Mountain View, Calif. 94039. (415) 961-4400.

PhotoShop is the absolute standard in image processing, and Version 2.0 keeps it solidly in that position. With its plug-in software modules for customization, CMYK editing and popularity, it is a safe and smart choice.

ColorStudio 1.5 weighs in with a similar set of features, including the ability to use PhotoShop plug-in modules, and adds a PostScript drawing ability, more complete color calibration, more System 7 support and a customizing language. But it is more expensive and harder to learn than PhotoShop and doesn't have its huge hold on users and related products.

Publisher's Paintbrush is a Windows alternative to these powerful Mac programs, lacking some of their sophistication but with plenty of painting and image-processing power, including direct control of scanners and several calibration options to match printed results to on-screen colors.

Publisher's Paintbrush

Rating: 3 computers


Rating: 3 computers


Rating: 3 computers

(This column reviews shareware programs for IBM and compatible computers. Shareware programs are available from computer bulletin boards and computer clubs. Users try them, then pay a fee to register them if they decide to use them.)

The following programs are especially suited to laptop computers.

PC-Write Lite. This is a powerful personal and business word processor that is easy to learn and should fit most of your writing and editing needs. You can have different documents open on your screen, check spelling, find and replace words, put footnotes on term papers, headings on business reports and generally enjoy all the essential functions of the bigger programs all on one 3.5-inch diskette. The on-screen tutorial assumes you know almost nothing about word processing, and you can get help from a comprehensive menu. Full registration is $79 from Quicksoft.

Lync. If you're at all familiar with the ProComm commands, you'll feel right at home with the Lync modem program. If you're not, you'll find the learning curve on Lync pretty easy. Full registration costs $25.

Contact Plus. This was designed with salesmen in mind. But it can be used by anyone who needs instant access to names, numbers and other essential information. It tracks clients and is a data base manager, an electronic phone dialer, appointment calendar, tickler system and mail merge program. If your needs are strictly for business, Contact Plus also has a word processor and form-letter creator on board. Look for version 2.19 on bulletin boards. Full registration costs $79.

TravelWare. You can record flight numbers and other travel information while tracking expenses and noting calls you must make when you get to your destination. My favorite, though, is a "bug me" utility you can use to remind yourself of appointments. Registration is $30.

For copies of these programs send $4 each or $15 (plus tax for Californians) for all four, plus a disk full of laptop utilities, to Shareware, P.O. Box 7037, Long Beach, Calif. 90807. Or call (310) 595-6870. Please indicate 5 1/4 -or 3 1/2 -inch disks.

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