Questions That Needed To Be Asked, But Not Answered


Didn't Bruins Make Good Choice For Coach?

November 24, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

Get ready, sports fans, for a rare Sunday session of those notorious"questions without answers."

I just had to offer them again today, because I didn't have enough space to get everything in Wednesday, and my 24-Hour Sportsline tape is backed up.

Remember if you have a response, positive or negative, any answers or a big "Q" of your own, just dial the Sportsline, 647-2499.

* Didn't Broadneck High replace one outstanding young woman with another outstanding one by naming Leann Shuck to succeed Mary Hart as the school's head girls lacrosse coach?

Hart had to give it up because she now teaches in Calvert County, and her sister assistant, Katie, is teaching at Our Lady of Pompeii in East Baltimore. They no longer could work coaching girls lacrosse at Broadneck into their schedule and had to step down.

Shuck, who is an assistant girls basketball coach at Broadneck, was named Broadneck lacrosse coach Friday by Athletic Director Kevin McMullen.

"We're thrilled to get a graduate of our school as a head coach," said McMullen. "Leann graduated in 1987 and was captain of our state championship team in girls lacrosse that year."

Shuck went on to achieve All-American status at Essex Community College and at the University of Maryland. She captained the Maryland team her senior year.

Shuck inherited her coaching aspirations from her dad, Jim, who is women's soccer coach at Anne Arundel Community College. He also has coached several sports at several county high schools, including Broadneck, and for the last two years has coached the girls lacrosse team at South River.

Could a fierce father-daughter rivalry be right around the corner, and won't dear old dad have the upper hand?

* Also at Broadneck, aren't congrats in orderfor the Bruins' top girls lacrosse player, Rebecca Fink, who signed a letter of intent this week to attend the University of Maryland on a half scholarship.

* Shouldn't we applaud the county Recreation and Parks Department for its decision to form a support group to promote the area's top sports facility, Joe Cannon Stadium?

"The countyhas agreed to form a support group and is even providing free legal aid to promote Cannon Stadium and help us bring in big events to the county," said Anne Arundel Amateur Baseball Association president LewHolmes. "This is great news for Cannon Stadium and baseball."

Holmes will coordinate all activities at the state-of-the-art stadium inHarmans with Delegate Michael Busch, a Rec and Parks supervisor, acting as the county's liaison.

It was Holmes who brought the Continental Amateur Baseball Association 18 and Under World Series to CannonStadium last year, but he felt that much more could have been done to promote the major event.

As a result, Holmes appeared before theRec and Parks advisory board, spoke to County Executive Robert Nealland Joe McCann, the director of Recreation and Parks, and lobbied hard for the formation of a commission.

"It was needed, and I'm veryglad the county has agreed to do it, because when we hold big eventsat Cannon Stadium it should bring money into Anne Arundel County," said Holmes. "We needed the county's support, and now we've got it."

I've been a critic of Rec and Parks in the past, and, in fairness to those in charge there, I must say they are showing genuine concern for the needs of those in youth sports. By taking the good advice of Holmes, Rec and Parks has made a good move.

* Isn't it also a great move on the part of Rec and Parks to approve new cutoff dates for youth sports by their individual seasons rather than continuing to usethe outdated Jan. 1 for all youth sports?

The new proposals, which should become official before year's end, will change the baseball cutoff date to Aug. 1 (like most organizations throughout the country) and football to Sept. 1.

* Shouldn't the county record of 53 pass receptions set by Brooklyn Park's Tommy Butz in 1988 still be his since his 53 came in 10 regular-season games and North County's Damon Martin's 53rd came in an 11th game, the playoffs?

Did you know that Butz just completed his junior year at Bowie State College with 23 receptions for 375 yards and six touchdowns?

* Won't you triathlonenthusiasts want to mark Dec. 7 on your calendar as the day NBC willtelevise the Iron Man competition in Hawaii so you can catch SevernaPark's Melissa Hallmark in action?

* Do you old-timers want to have a 50-and-over basketball league or not?

Lee Hood of Glen Burniesaid not too many 50-ish cagers showed up for the first meeting lastweek, and that has league organizer Frenchy Letan losing sleep.

Did you know you get one more shot to cheer up Frenchy and have a 50-and-over league by posting today from 1 to 3:30 p.m. at Marley Junior High School?

* Did you know that 51-year-old power-lifter Bob Roodof Pasadena has won two more national competitions and seems to be getting better with age?

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