Appeal Is Rejected

November 24, 1991

Former World Martial Mania Federation Light Heavyweight kick-boxing champion Mike Johnson of Manchester learned late last week that his protest of last May's title fight against current champ Andre Blignautof South Africa was dismissed by WMMF officials in South Africa.

Blignaut reclaimed the WMMF title with a unanimous decision win over Johnson in the fight that took place at Westminster High.

After reviewing the tape of the fight, Johnson filed an official protest with the WMMF a month later, claiming the decision was unfair.

Johnson later filed another complaint verbally after WMMF officials stated they had never received the original protest.

Johnson'slast protest was dismissed by the federation's officials, and chances of a Blignaut-Johnson rematch are remote.

Johnson said WMMF official's felt Blignaut would not be champion after he faces the currentNo. 1 contender in February.

Johnson said he believes the judges may have favored Blignaut in order to keep the championship in South Africa, where the federation is based.

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