After 300 Game, Westminster Resident Rolls A 299


'I Just Took A Couple Of Deep Breaths' Before Closing Out Perfect Score

November 24, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

Some week at County Lanes.

First, on Nov. 12, a 300 game. The next day, a 299.

Greg Sten, who rolled the 300, is a supervisor for Random House, where he's been employed for 23 years. He's been bowling for about 32years.

He bowls in both Random House tenpin leagues on MondaysandTuesdays at County Lanes in Westminster, where he carries a 187 average. Sten has a career high set of 696 and until this month his high game was 269.

Sten, born in Hanover, Pa., and raised in Mountain Lake Park, Garrett County, is a longtime resident of Westminster. Likeall recreational bowlers, he wondered how many years and how many games he would have to bowl until that magic 300 game popped up.

In the Tuesday Random House League at County Lanes Nov. 12, Sten had hisanswer.

"I was OK until the last frame came up," he said. "The first nine strikes were good hits and I didn't start to think about a 300 game until after the ninth box.

"The first two strikes in the 10th and 11th were a little light but they got the job done. Then I just took a couple of deep breaths and said to myself, 'Get it up there.' "

That's all there was to it, folks -- 12 in a row for that lifelong dream, a perfect game. After it was all over, Sten said, "I just like to bowl, but especially after a game like this."


Doug Burkholder, a New Windsor resident, had his 300 game safely tucked away. And he's had a 766 career high series, and a 297 and a 299 game.

He's been there before.

And in the Wednesday Night League at County Lanes Nov. 13, Burkholder was there again, rapping on the door of another 300 game.

It wasn't to be this time.

"My last ball was a little bit high, and I left the four pin," Burkholder said. "I was using an AMF Cobra bowling ball, because it seems to take care of the heavier oil better than my other bowling balls, and I trusted it.

"It's just one of those things that it came up a little high."

There'll be other 300 games.

Burkholder carried a 198 average lastyear, and this year he's expanded his league bowling: Monday, it's at Perry Hall Lanes in Baltimore County; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it's at County Lanes; and on Saturday, it's the Interstate Travel League at various sites.


Jay Gauldin, a 19-year-old SalisburyState University student, lives in Westminster and bowls in the Senior Division of the Youth League at Hampstead Bowling Center. Recently, he threw games of 187, 222 and 246 for a fine 655 series.

"I've been invited to take part in the qualifying rounds for TEAM USA next summer," Gauldin said.

That's one of the most prestigious events in tenpin bowling.

Some of the younger members of the Hampstead Bowling Center Youth league are doing some improving of their own.

Christine Bishop, 7, is the Bowler of the Month in the Bantam Division with a game that was 82 pins over her average. She lives in Upperco with her parents, Kathi and Jim Bishop, and is in the second grade at the Fifth District Elementary in Baltimore County

Jim Bishop is a coach for the Pee Wee League at Hampstead where Christine's sister Stephanie, 5, is starting her duckpin bowling career.

Mike Brown, 10, led the pack for Bowler of the Month in the tenpin Prep Division atHampstead with a fantastic 105 pins over average. While Brown had bowled duckpins for three years, he's only been bowling tenpins for oneyear.

He lives in Hampstead with his parents, Linda and William Brown, and is in the fifth grade at Spring Garden Elementary.

OtherBowlers of the Month in tenpins at Hampstead were:

* Josh Freemire, 68 pins over average in the tenpin Junior Division.

* John Wilson, 59 pins over average in the Senior Division.

The top duckpin bowlers were:

* Jocie Hancock, 41 pins over average in the 10 a.m. Prep Division; April Pullen, 48 pins over average in the 1 p.m. division.

* Ruth Smith, 45 pins over average in the Junior Division.

* David Richardson, 51 pins over average in the 10 a.m. Seniors.

* Sharita King, 18 pins over average in the 1 p.m. Pee Wee Division.

* Jennifer Perry, 11 pins over average in the 1 p.m. Pee Wees.

* Julie Franey, 27 pins over average in the 10 a.m. Bantam Division.

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