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November 24, 1991|By Editor's note: Students | Editor's note: Students,from West Middle School are participating inthe Hands for Hamlet project. Here are letters they wrote to The Carroll County Sun, a co-sponsor of the project, about their fund-raising activities. You can sent cash donations to Hands for Hamlet, c/o City Hall, Westminster, Md. 21157. Clothes and toys may be dropped off at The Carroll County Sun, Winchester Exchange, 15 E. Main St., Westminster.

From: Jenny Ringley

I am in the eighth grade at West Middle.

My name is Jenny Ringley and I am involved in the Hands to Hamletproject.

I think that it's a great project. Hands to Hamlet is all about some kids in North Carolina whose parents were killed in a fire when the factory they worked in burned down.

The girl Team Eight is helping is Crystal Barrington, age 15. Her father was killed in the fire.

We are collecting and sending presents for Christmas. Hopefully, we will get a lot of nice things for her.


From: Steven Wheeler

This is in response to your question on how we feel at West Middle about helping the Hands for Hamlet charity fund.

I think we feel real good about ourselves in West Middle for helping the less fortunate. At West Middle, each team is assigned to a young person in our Hands for Hamlet project.

I call it a project because it's a type of project. On Team Seven, we collect money in homeroom and at lunch. The money collected will be given to some selected people on each team to go out and buy presents for that young person in the project.

Some say we're a large Santa Claus for the kids. Each teamhas a different way of doing all this.

I'm enjoying this project very much because I've hardly done much charity work and it makes me feel good to help out. When I say this, I think I speak for everybodyat West Middle. We don't do it because we have to; we do it because we want to.

If the wealthy people would help out the little man, then I think this world would be a whole lot better place.


From: Carisa Cook

My name is Carisa Cook and I attend Westminster West Middle School.

Hands to Hamlet is a way that people more fortunate can help the citizens of Hamlet, N.C. The reason people want to help them is because a fire started and burned in their town.

I feelstrongly about helping them because if we were in that situation, wewould want other people to help us too. Hands to Hamlet is the only way because we can't travel to North Carolina just to give them one gift apiece, so this is the best way.

If you were in that situationand you had young children, no place to live and no food to eat, wouldn't you want help? It's especially important because the holidays are coming up soon.

I am going to make a donation. You should thinkabout it, too.


From: Tina McMullen

As an eighth-grader atWest Middle School, I think Hands for Hamlet is a great idea.

Helping the kids in North Carolina will be a great success. I think the kids really need Santa Claus to come to their houses. Students for Team Seven go around and collect spare change during lunch to help the boy we'll be buying presents for.

I feel sorry for them because they don't have their parents anymore. It's like last Christmas was thelast one with their parents. If my parents died, I would be happy ifsomeone cared so much.

I'm glad we got involved in helping the children and teens in Hamlet. Maybe we will make Claude and the other kids happy this Christmas. I'm glad we're involved in this project because we can do something good for other people, not just ourselves.


From: Michelle Villani

The Hands for Hamlet project is a great idea.

We are learning responsibility and showing a lot of careand love. At West Middle, we look forward to seeing how much we haveearned every day.

We put in our extra change at lunch not just because we do not want it, but because of how much we know it will bring pride and joy to the child's life.

When in school we come together as a committee, we always find new ideas for the child we care for. I hope more people bring in money and love for this child's Christmas.


From: Nik Ziegler

Hi, my name is Nik and I am on Team Two at West Middle School, and we are helping the kids of Hamlet get the support and needs they need to live and that's why I write this letter.

It's now Nov. 19, almost December, which means it is close to Christmas, and the time to give. And that's why we are collecting money and giving a new life to the kid we are helping.

So, in gratitude, I thank Mayor Brown and the city of Westminster for starting this.

P.S. The person we are helping is Quinnard James.


From: Andrea Allen

I enjoy the Hands for Hamlet program because we give money, food goods and gifts to a child whose mother was killed in the fire.

It just makes me feel good and everybody else feel good inside for what they did.

So I really enjoy the program that West Middle is doing.


From: Lois E. Fegan

I am writing to you about the Hands to Hamlet program

I think it is a good idea to givegifts to children when parents are in trouble. I like helping other people, especially during the holidays. It makes me feel good to think about the smiles the children have when they open gifts from other kids their age.

P.S. My church is doing the Hands for Hamlet program, too!


From: Chip Moledina

Stan Groves

Shawn Colleran

We are glad to be participating in the Hands for Hamlet project.

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