Those Who Give/harford County Kathy Mullins

November 24, 1991|By Ellen Hawks

* PERSONAL: Age 40. Works as pulmonary function technician at Franklin Square Hospital Center. Is a single parent of daughter Tonia, 11 and son Shawn, 16. Lives in Hickory area in Harford County.

* WHERE DO YOU VOLUNTEER? "Echco house, which stands for Ecumenical Community of Harford County. It offers transitional housing for residents of Harford County and is a joint venture by community churches and the Catholic Charities. I also volunteer to the women's organization of the Cokesbury United Methodist Church."

* WHAT DO YOU DO? "I go to Echco once a week for three hours and will eventually spend one night there because there is a need. I'm there as a friend, to listen and to share experiences."

* HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN VOLUNTEERING? I've been at Echco for about six weeks. They were established this August."

* HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME? "You always find time even though you may stay up a bit later. My life has been directed by God and I go where he sends me. Sometimes one of the children will go with me because there are children in the shelter."

* WHAT, IF ANY, ARE THE DIFFICULTIES? "I don't see any. I enjoy giving time to these people and feel rewarded."

* HOW DO YOU BENEFIT? "Because I'm so glad that in Harford County they have something like this. There is such a big need and especially now. Also, being a single parent I know were they are coming from."

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