November 24, 1991|By Ellen Hawks

* PERSONAL: Age 34. Housewife. She and husband Daniel, a plumbing contractor, have three children -- Grace, age 9; Doug, 7 and Lucas, 4. Live in Winfield in Carroll County.

* WHERE DO YOU VOLUNTEER? "Association for Retarded Citizens of Carroll County. I also volunteer to two of my children's classrooms at Robert Moton Elementary School each week. I help at the 4-H club and teach Sunday school at the New Windsor Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church."

* WHAT DO YOU DO? "I am president of the ARC Board of Directors and do varied work. I help in the classroom of each of my two older children one day each week. And I am involved in the ARC's advocacy program and for a long time have been friends with a Down's syndrome person. The entire family is his friend and we do many things together."

* HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN VOLUNTEERING? "To ARC since 1979 and to school since Grace, my oldest, began. For the church and 4-H for several years."

* HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME? "I guess its a good excuse not to do housework. I don't like to be idle and the need is there. The bottom line is that I do it because I am a Christian and it is the Christian thing to do."

* WHAT, IF ANY, ARE THE DIFFICULTIES? "Trying not to be overcommitted and learning to say no. If you take on too much, you won't do it as well."

* HOW DO YOU BENEFIT? "When I see those people working in the ARC workshop so happy and useful and I realize they might once have been lost in an institution, it is my reward. Sometime if I feel low that scene can really give me a lift."

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